Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Katrina and I have known each other since we were the wives of junior doctors in Dover, Kent - where we spent much of our times chained to our respective houses, listening to anxious (and occasionally hysterical) patients who needed twenty-four hour access to the phone. It is hard now to imagine a world without cell-phones or the internet.

Katrina knows lots of my secrets - and still finds it rather alarming that I went into my local butcher's (Mr. Doyle) on my penultimate day in the town and burst into tears because I was so sad to leave. But leaving anywhere is always poignant, don't you think?

Who knows your secrets?


  1. My best mate Kath knows all my secrets. Lets hope we never fall out. But 27 years strong it doesn't look like it thank goodness! Take care. Caroline x

  2. My mother knows all my secrets. I have good friends but she's not only my mother but my greatest friend. She was there in the dark and bright periods of my life and she understands me more than anyone else. And that's the same for her. She knows my ambitions, my dreams, and she knows what I'm thinking about before I tell her - I know, now and forever, that she will never disappoint me (like most of friends can do).
    Your friend has a wonderful name Sharon, is she Russian?

  3. Caroline - you met Kath when you were three, yes?!

    Michela - what a lovely compliment to pay to your mother - you should show her what you've written.

    Arthur - likewise, your sister must be hugely flattered to know that she has your ear!

  4. LOL Sharon! I wish I had met Kath when I was 3. No it was the first day at Uni. We met in the MOD YMCA of all places because there were no halls of residence for us and we were effectively "homeless". We shared a room, then a student house, then after univ a flat together before marriage etc. pulled us away from each. We still keep in touch even though she lives in London and I'm up here in Wales. Take care. Caroline x

  5. She already knows it, I tell her almost every day.