Thursday, 4 March 2010


This is the view I awoke to on Monday morning.  (Well, that's not strictly true - otherwise I'd have spent the night on the balcony outside my room with my camera to hand and that would have been very, very cold).  

Gorgeous, isn't it?  A picture-postcard view.  Glossy Bala Lake with the snow-dusted peaks of Yr Aran in the background.  I was staying at my friend Katrina's B&B - it's called Bryniau Golau  which is a little piece of paradise.

Not far away is a bizarre village, built as a folly by a quirky architect and which featured as the backdrop to an iconic television series, which is currently being remade (why?  why?  Why do they remake films and programmes which are already perfect?)  
I shall post some photos when I find the disposable camera which I had to buy in The Village.
Anyone know the place I'm talking about?  


  1. OO! In quick!

    Methinks it's Portmerion, Sharon. Am I right in thinking the houses are just 'fronts' and not really habitable? Bit of a shame really. They do lovely botanical pots there too don't they?

    Lots of love,


  2. Yes, you are right in thinking it's Portmeirion, Rachel - though the houses ARE habitable. In fact, they're very smart and very expensive holiday lets and on the day I visited, Annie Lennox was staying there! (I noticed three people with massive lens on their cameras and asked one of them who they were waiting for....)

    One day I plan to stay there....

  3. It's lovely there, Sharon and your photograph of glossy Lake Bala is wonderful. Such stunning countryside in Wales!

  4. Gorgeous pics - thanks for sharing. Especially love the reflection in the second one: that's a really nice bit of composition.

  5. Wow! Amazing picture. I wouldn't mind staying up on that balcony. It would give me the perfect excuse to indulge in a cup of coffee.
    Wish I were there.