Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Yesterday, I told you about the brilliant personal trainer
Henry Barratt and how his surprisingly gentle encouragement was inspirational to someone like me, who was feeling particularly sluggish after Christmas.
I promised that I would pass on the second part of his philosophy - which would help you attain the physique you've always wanted.
No bread.
No potatoes.
No rice.
No pasta.
In other words: NO CARBS!
(And if you are blanching in horror - as I did - then I must inform you that apparently, we get all the carbs we need from fruit and vegetables!).

So I have just cleared out the last of seasonal fare like this:

To be replaced with stuff like this.

Interestingly, I bought this delicious, locally-grown radicchio in a small Umbrian supermarket and then found zillions of recipes for it in a translation of an Italian cookery book. The Italians are very imaginative with their vegetables. I baked it with a teeny drizzle of oil, salt and pepper and finished it off with a squeeze of lemon juice.

But I am no longer in Italy but at home, and working - so I must go and speak to Tariq - who is my latest outrageously macho Sheikh hero.
Outside, it's grey and damp and I'm in need of inspiration - so tell me what's happening in your day.


  1. I wish I could find somewhere that sells radicchio round here - it really is scrummy and I want some right NOW!

    Outrageously macho is exactly how I like my heros, Sharon, so Tariq is sounding very good from where I'm sitting. As far as inspiration goes how about Venetian detective Zen (Rufus Sewell)? He make pretty good sheikh too, I reckon.

    Ask Henry if pork scratchings are allowed, will you? No carbs ...?


  2. Yikes! Please tell me all those lollies and chocolates went to a good home ...

    J x

    ps Potatoes are my favourite vegetable! AND can form the heart of a very romantic meal, even just baked (see pic when clicking on my name above)

  3. Excellent advice, Sharon. Although avoiding pasta is a tough one for me; the local trattoria is owned by two good friends.

    It's grey and cold here, Sharon. Not much inspiration... I am, however, looking forward to a few days off next week. I'm going to visit a friend in New Mexico.

  4. Rachel, I think the TV programme Zen is wonderful - though it is hard to imagine Rufus Sewell as the same man as the podgy-faced cheat in that most dreadful of films, THE HOLIDAY. I hardly recognised him at first and thought he'd lost a bit TOO much weight - but now his lean and steely (yet vulnerable) physique has grown on me.
    To anyone outside England - try to catch ZEN if you get the chance. It's a detective story which is filmed (beautifully) in Rome, with Roman characters - yet all the diaglogue is in English.

    Yes, Jack - the "lollies" (as you Australians call them) went to a very good home at the local church hall!

    Dan - New Mexico - how exciting! Though I'm not sure how it differs from "old" Mexico. To be truthful, I know precisely nothing about it - can you enlighten us?

  5. Sharon: New Mexico is America's 47th State. It's located in the southwestern region of the continental U.S. "Old" Mexico is the country to our southern border.

    My friend lives just outside of Santa Fe (the state's capital city). The city is at about 7000 feet above sea level. It's known for its large community of artists, of which my friend is one - she's a sculptor and painter. Georgia O'Keefe was probaby the best known artist that lived in Santa Fe. There's a museum there dedicated to her work. My favorite museum in Santa Fe is The Institue of American Indian Arts which features beautiful works by Native Americans.

    My friend lives in a lovely old adobe home with incredible views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I've known her for more than twenty years and she's definitely an inspiration...

  6. Dear Sharon - now don't take this the wrong way but....I much prefer photo 1!! LOL But like you I'm trying to watch what I eat at the moment - but I do find it so, so hard! Caroline x p.s got your book in the post today - thank you so much and I will enjoy reading both stories tonight. Caroline x

  7. I blanched in horror when I saw the raddichio but that aside my kidlet locked himself in his room and could not open the door yesterday morning there was a lot of drama that ended in sparks and a handyman cutting the door open two hours later.
    hope this inspires u lol

  8. Joanna, hope your kidlet has properly recovered.
    My son once did the same....I think it's just a test they like to put us through!

  9. You're an inspiration. I'm watching what I put into my mouth as well. I love most truits and veggies plus I'm trying to incorporate lots of fresh blueberries.Bread, well I tried to limit it to 2 whole wheat "seed" bread with reduced calories per week. No pasta or potatoes as well. Fish, lean pork and chicken with skin removed (baked). It's the wine that's hard to give up.....lol