Saturday 11 February 2012


Out today in what looked and felt like a winter wonderland.
It had been a good week (I made the USA Today Bestseller list with MONARCH OF THE SANDS), but this was the real frosting on the cake.
The snow in the city had mostly melted but high up on Farley Mount it was like being in a different world. I saw three deer (not ships!) gamboling across a woodland path ahead of me, which gave the walk a magical touch.
The snow was intact and crunchy underfoot (very good research because my current hero and heroine are just about to experience a whirling snowstorm!).
But most of all, it was beautiful.

Where have you been recently that's beautiful?

Monday 6 February 2012


Here's a photo of me taken just before Christmas at Conckera in County Fermanagh, Ireland, where my mother grew up and which is just a couple of miles away from the sweet little town of Clones.

Conckera has a lake and lots of bogland. There are trees which turn to gold when the sun shines on them (look behind me) and some of the greenest grass you'll ever set eyes on. I think it's one of the most beautiful places on earth, but of course - I'm biased! My cousin Peter still lives there with his family and he and his two brothers made my visit so memorable.

I hadn't visited since I was four years old but I'd heard so much about it that I'd built up a vivid picture in my mind. It didn't disappoint. How could it?. Some places are just perfect because of their associations and this is one of them.
Do you have a place like that, one which is very close to your heart?