Wednesday 7 November 2018


Here you go:

Stunning Neapolitan architecture 

And scrumptious Neapolitan pizza:

Just because I love this amazing city soooo much.
Who else has visited here?

Thursday 1 November 2018


I'm just back from an amazing olive-picking trip to Umbria, where this year we broke the record by harvesting over 17 crates of beautifully-coloured fruits (at least, I think they're called fruits..).

The days (although we sometimes had to dodge the showers) - were spectacular and enlivened by luscious pomegranates still hanging from the trees.

Later that evening we played dress-up...these are the kind of clothes I would wear all the time, if I could!

Though not quite so sure about whether you could get away with wearing these...

Did you do anything exciting over the Halloween weekend?