Wednesday 25 July 2012


Zak Constantinides is one of those men who gets women to fall in love with him without even  having to try. That is, until he meets Emma Geary - who is everything he most despises in the opposite sex.  Even worse - she has her scheming and predatory hooks into his beloved baby brother. 

Emma must be stopped in a way which also comes easily to Zak - by manipulation and control!  But for the first time in his life, the powerful billionaire discovers someone who won't just lie back and let him walk all over her.

PLAYING THE GREEK'S GAME is out in North America now - and you can find out what happens when Emma fights back.....

Tuesday 10 July 2012


Funny, isn't it - the way life sometimes throws you a curve-ball?
Picture the scene:  a friend was attending a posh, black-tie dinner and he asked me to go along.  I'd get to stay in a luxury hotel.  I'd have unlimited use of the spa the next morning.  There was to be a lunch the following day and we would be chauffeured  to and from this event in a Mercedes!  Oh, and there were to be various celebs at this feast, including a man called David Gandy.
"That's with a 'y'," my friend said.
"Are you sure?" I questioned.  "It's usually spelt with an 'i' - and it's probably a member of the Indian political dynasty."
'Whatever.  Do you want to come?'
'Tempting, but I'm tired.  I'm writing a book - so I'll say no.'

Reader, I honestly didn't twig!

The man was indeed David Gandy - the man much loved by fellow romantic novelists and readers alike.  The man who makes them salivate daily over provocative photos and who inspires many a steamy scene.

So I looked online and found this picture.

I must say, he has a BIZARRE taste in clothing!  Dunno about you - but that hat doesn't really do it for me....

Monday 9 July 2012


I've been very lazy about keeping this blog and my only excuse is that I've been writing and....writing.  Lots of writing.  I've been creating enigmatic Sheikhs and ruthless Greeks, charismatic Tuscans and unforgiving Neapolitans.  And then I've had to come up with the women who have the tough job of melting the hearts of these powerful men.
But work aside, I've been dodging the rain which has beset England for the last however many months (it seems like forever) - and making the most of the entertainment on offer.

I've seen some amazing theatre (Posh;  Love, Love, Love: A Long Days Journey Into Night) and some equally great films (The Five Year Engagement; My Sister's Sister - both starring the very talented Emily Blunt).  I've listened to some great music (Ravel's Bolero, which I'd never heard "live"before plus the magnificent opera Tosca, which was performed  in the Great Conservatory at Syon Park)

This month, I have a book out in the USA called PLAYING THE GREEK'S GAME.  
It's about a ve-ry sexy Greek and a woman with a past who is determined to play him at his own game.   Here's a peep at the cover picture of Zak and Emma in New York.

I'd love to know what has everyone else been doing this "summer" - but you may all have decided to desert this neglected page and I can see that in future I must try harder!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the "pewter eyes" in the title of this blog - they are the smouldering eyes of Zak.  The ones which seem to look into Emma's soul....