Friday 30 May 2014


Rosa Corretti gets much more than she bargains for when she begs autocratic Sheikh Kulal to take her home with him…
Her strict Sicilian family are trying to find her and Kulal is doing his best to get rid of her.
It's one hell of a mess and when Rosa's reputation is compromised, there's only one direction this relationship can go….towards the altar!

I love this cover, though I'm not quite sure why Rosa and Kulal appear to be standing in front of a carpet ...

Thursday 29 May 2014


I'd planned to write about Tuscany and my writing course which takes place every May.
I thought about mentioning the impossibly cute little villages which look as if they've been commissioned from Central Casting.  Or the roses which bloom next to the wine-veranda.  I could describe the crystal clear water which rushes past, making its own particular kind of music.  And the unforgettable trips to the Disney-esque Cinque Terre, or the beautiful city of Lucca.

But in the end, I thought I'd just let the mountains and the sunshine speak for themselves…

And somewhere behind me, you can hear the Angelus echoing out over the valleys….