Wednesday 23 March 2011


Occasionally, amid all the deadline anxiety, the characters who simply will not obey and the logical loopholes which comprise every book - there comes a reminder that basically, I am in the entertainment industry. And what fun it can be.
Yesterday was just such a day, when I did newspaper interview in a groovy tea-shop in Camden Town, called Yumchaa
Linda Harrison, the journalist (in spotty dress) actually turned up with a stylist

AND a make-up artist!

(I could definitely get used to this!)

Here you can see the back of Daniel, the photographer. Like me, he is of Irish stock and so we spent some time discussing how, as children - we had eaten (if you are squeamish, you may wish to look away now) - stuffed hearts!

We sat in the window overlooking Camden's Parkway, while I told Linda how to write a Mills & Boon romance (she will be submitting a chapter to me for professional feedback). I'll let you know how she does.
Rich carrot and lemon drizzle cakes were on the menu (but not for the PR representative who had given up yeast for Lent!). And we sipped some "Royal Tea" - a blend which has been designed especially to coincide with some famous forthcoming nuptuals. The Kenyan black tea contains rose petals and blackberry leaves, silver candy balls and red candy hearts. It looks like potpourri and tastes absolutely delicious!
All in all, it felt like time out of a normal life - in the way that a day-trip to the seaside sometimes can.
Have you done anything abnormal recently?

Monday 14 March 2011


This the question asked by several regular readers of this blog.....have been in a euphoric (until the revisions come in!) post-submission daze.
I delivered THE UNWILLING PRINCESS on Tuesday and since then I have been catching up with all the things which an urgent deadline prevent me from doing.
You know. Cleaning. Paying bills. Gardening.

Oh, alright. Haven't actually done any of those things, but I did catch a very good play at the Royal Court Theatre. All about climate change sceptics and starring the amazing Juliet Stephenson.

I also visited the Great Hall in Winchester, which is just down the road from me...

With its incredible Round Table (is this the one which all the Knights of Camelot clustered around, we ask ourselves?)

I sometimes pop in just because it's amazing and atmospheric, but this time it was specifically to hear the most incredible piece of music. Well actually, that doesn't really do it justice. It's an experience. Janet Cardiff's 40 Part Motet.
Forty voices coming from forty speakers. Singing Tallis.
The installation has been all around the world - including New York and Canada.
If you get the chance - go and experience it for yourself.
Do you like it - and what has inspired you recently?

Saturday 5 March 2011


This song is simply, great. And bound to make you smile.
The video is interesting, too.....

Like it?