Thursday 30 September 2010


My latest book is out in the UK.
It's called SHAMEFUL SECRET, SHOTGUN WEDDING and it's available in all good bookstores now.
(Er, actually that's not quite true - since Waterstone's doesn't stock it. You're missing a chance there Waterstone's, I must say....)

It's about a gorgeous international playboy called Giancarlo Vellutini and Cassie, a naive girl from Cornwall who takes a Christmas vacation job in a glittering London department store. Sparks really fly when this most unlikely of couples meet.

Thanks to the lovely Rick Stroud for inspiring the heroine's name - Rick and I were at the Cheltenham Literary Festival last year. And thanks also to Elizabeth Douglas, who has already read the book, which prompted her to write me a letter about growing up in Cornwall in the 1040's. My job has all kinds of wonderful perks - and letters like Elizabeth's are at the top of the list.

Apologies to the prize winners of my recent competition. Caroline, Michela and Rachel - if you've been wondering where your books are - I'll post them out next week.

Do you like the snazzy new cover?

Friday 24 September 2010


Cornwall is really one of the most beautiful places on earth.
I think of it in shades of blue and grey.
In one morning, the sea turned from pewter to sapphire with a zillion variations in betweeen.
But blue is best.....
See what I mean?

Here I am at Harlyn Bay - plotting out my new Chapter I.
Inspiration comes easy here. One gulp of that bracing, salty air and I'm away! Let's hope it stays with me.....

I have a book out next month called SHAMEFUL SECRET, SHOTGUN WEDDING - some of which is set in this part of Cornwall. Perhaps I should make it a trilogy...

Is there somewhere which always fills you with inspiration - and is it by the sea?

Wednesday 15 September 2010


There's an old proverb that says if you're lucky at cards, you'll be unlucky in love.
Needless to say, my up and coming hero (Sheikh Zahid Al Hakam) is absolutely BRILLIANT at cards!

For all those who entered my Name An Imaginary Sheikhdom competition - thank you. I liked Michela's MAKHARIAN but felt this was too similar to MARABAN, which was another of my fictional countries. I also liked Dan's JANNAT AL'ADN - but not sure if it's really a national name. (It may be used as the name of one of the Sheikh's palaces!).

However, since a huge consignment of books arrived this morning - I will happily send a copy to the first five people who email me with their (snailmail) address.

And in the meantime, what do you think I should call Zahid's falcon?

Thursday 9 September 2010


I'm blogging over at iheartspresents today - so please come over and add your thoughts.

Specifically, I'm talking about the exciting new competition which is being run by Mills & Boon, giving one lucky entrant the opportunity to have her/his book published.

So what are you waiting for, and are you going to enter?

Wednesday 1 September 2010

You SPHINX so?

Am mulling over ideas for my new book which will be set in an imaginary Sheikhdom of golden sands, azure skies and palaces of impossible beauty.
What would you call YOUR imaginary kingdom?

I have several book prizes to give away - so send me your entries now!