Monday 30 June 2014


I recently went to see the play 1984 (completely brilliant) and afterwards walked along the South Bank.  It was a busy, sunny day and everything seemed bright and normal and innocent when I came across this carousel.  My heart pounded.  Immediately, I started thinking about clowns and spooky figures hiding in the shadows.  I was sure I could hear the sound of mocking laughter…

Of course, Carousel is my favourite musical and the one which gave birth to the haunting anthem which has been adopted by Liverpool football team.  And so I leave you with YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

(And it was a serious question: why ARE carousels so scary?)

Monday 16 June 2014


One of the golden highlights of my summer is a trip to Syon Park to hear opera performed around a grand piano, by a brilliant company called Diva.  This year, it was Don Giovanni and it was BLISS.  
Don Giovanni was played by the amazingly charismatic Changhan Lim and it was easy to understand why women fell so easily beneath his spell.  The danger and the devilishness in his eyes gave me lots of ideas for future heroes!
The evening was full of sunshine and laughter.  There was delicious food, shared with dear friends.
And I got to wear a posh dress, liberally sprinkled with golden sequins.

Sigh.  If only life could always be like this…

*my peace depends on her peace.  Don Giovanni's first aria.