Thursday 16 March 2017


I love every book I write and get to know my characters so well that I miss them when I finish the story.  Every hero makes me shiver with pleasure and envy the heroine her future life with him, but I have to say that Zayed Al Zawba is one of my favourite heroes of all time.

Well, see for yourself...

He's flawed.  He's arrogant.  And proud.  He doesn't want to marry until he's sixty or seventy, when he plans to take a young virgin for a bride as custom allows.  Trouble is, he needs a bride right now - and the only way he can contemplate a short-lived marriage is to choose a woman who doesn't attract him, so that the union won't be consummated.

Enter Jane.  Plain Jane Smith - the earnest academic who hates Zayed almost as much as she loves his rich and historic country.

It's an explosive combination of two strong-willed people who have no desire to be together, but who cannot deny their growing desire for each other...and you can win an advance copy by contacting me directly (see contact details on home page of this blog) and telling me which heroes you like best.  Italian?  Brazilian?  Greek?
And good luck!