Tuesday 13 December 2011


to Ireland, where I wandered through Belfast, met up with the fabulous Lynne Graham, travelled to the tiny town of Clones and then caught the bus to Dublin, where I stayed with the lovely Abby Green. Whew!

Now I'm back and instead of the leisurely Christmas shopping I'd anticipated, I'm revising my book about the sexy Neapolitan Ciro D'Angelo. I shall deliver him into the hands of my editor next week, when I might have time to post some photos of Ireland. After all, it's not as if much else is happening at this time of year is it?!

And in the meantime, my book about Sheikh Zahid of Khayarzah and Frankie O'Hara will soon be hitting the bookshelves or floating through the aether in North America. If you want to get your hands on a copy, it's called MONARCH OF THE SANDS.

So are you also working or maybe doing something wonderfully indulgent (like making mince-pies while carols blare out)?

Or have you decided to brave the shops which currently look like Armageddon (Armageddon outta here!)

Friday 2 December 2011


if misty ropes of fog hadn't been swathing the runway and causing my flight to be cancelled :((
Instead of landing in a city I've heard so much about but which I haven't visited since I was about five - I am staring out of the window at the familiar view from my writing room. I know there are things I could be doing. Things I should be doing. But it's funny how your mind becomes a butterfly when your plans are thrown up into the air.

So here's a festive photo, because....

Well, because it's nearly Christmas, I guess.
Any exciting anecdotes about delayed travel?

Monday 21 November 2011


This book is out in the US in January - but thought I'd give you an advance view of the beautiful cover, along with the blurb on the back.
One of the best things about this picture of Zahid and Francesca is that the scene is so true to how I imagined it. The artist has captured perfectly the exotic river which flows through the amazing land of Khayarzah. He (or she!) has also captured the lazy passion which exists between the Sheikh and his once-geeky lover.

Today, I finished the first draft of my latest story, which features a Neapolitan - my first ever hero from Naples. Now all I need to do is polish and tweak and tie up all the ends before delivering the book. I love this part of my job. It's a bit like icing a cake - and apparently, Neapolitans take their cake very seriously!
Anyone out there ever visited Naples?

Friday 18 November 2011


This is the cover of THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING which will be on sale in the UK next month. It features playboy Tariq (who has a shocking track-record with women) and his loyal PA, Isobel Mulholland. Sparks fly when the fiercely independent Tariq finds himself injured and reliant on Izzy in a way he has never been before. Feelings can sometimes change when roles are reversed....

Do you like the cover?

In terms of light and overall effect, it reminds me of that very famous painting of a luscious woman in an emerald green evening dress - but I don't have a clue who painted it, or what it's called. If anyone can enlighten me - then a copy of THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING will wing its way to them.

Last night I went to the Romantic Novelists Association Christmas party (what a lot of capital letters!) in Birdcage Walk, just down the road from Buckingham Palace. Guided by my phone (what a surreal thing to write! Imagine a Victorian reading those words!) I walked there via St. James's Park. A fountain was coloured emerald and the palace behind was bathed in golden light. Even the trees were illuminated by carefully positioned lights, so that it felt as if I was in the middle of some fantastic setting. Or Disneyland. Oh, and the party was very good.

Tonight I'm going to see Much Ado About Nothing. Which pretty much sums up my morning so far. So I'd better get back to Ciro D'Angelo, my current hero - who needs to be beaten into submission!

Wednesday 9 November 2011


Back in August (or was it July?) I attended the Harlequin black and white party at the fabulous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. It was here that I received a Tiffany trinket for having published 75 books. Yay! I even bought a black dress for the occasion - though there is still a part of me which rebels at being told what to wear!
But for once I capitulated and followed the dress-code, buying a dress by a Canadian designer which one of my American author friends informed me was called an Opera Coat.
Lots of the fabulous women who attended my course at the Watermill in Tuscany, kept asking to see a photo of said dress.
So here I am, striding across the ballroom while wearing it.

And this is me enjoying a bit of an "Oscar" moment.

I'm currently deep into my latest book which features the gorgeous but very tricky Neapolitan, Ciro D'Angelo. And I'm at that stage where I could do with some inspiration.
So what have you all been up to - and have you ever enjoyed an "Oscar" moment?

Tuesday 25 October 2011


Don't forget that you can still buy my Greek trilogy, SATISFACTION over at Amazon
Three sizzling stories about three outrageously alpha males! (And a fabulous cover).

Meanwhile, since I go to beautiful Italy so often, I've decided to bite the bullet and try to learn the language (though the latter might prove difficult, while doing the former!).
It ain't easy. But I keep telling myself that even if I only ever manage to say the equivalent of "Hello, my name is Sharon and I live in Winchester" - then at least I might be giving my brain-cells a workout!
Anyone else tackling a new skill?

Thursday 20 October 2011


Here's a sneak preview of my next North American release.
MONARCH OF THE SANDS features Zahid and Francesca and is an emotional read about a once-geeky girl and the man who suddenly has the burden of Kingship thrust upon him.

My research for this book was done with the assistance of the brilliant Dr. Lloyd Wood, who was then rather surprised to discover that I'd used hardly any of the things we'd discussed! But as I explained (and say to all students of writing) - you don't need to show the research you've done. Just the fact that you've done it means you can write with freedom and confidence.

I just lurve the cover because it shows the Sheikh in a very intimate moment and I don't just mean because he's kissing Francesca. It would have to be a very relaxed King to have taken off his socks, wouldn't it?

The book will be published on January 24th, but you can pre-order your copy here.
The blue sky behind them reminds me of a line from one of my favourite poems: "All in the blue, unclouded weather."

Who knows which poem I'm talking about?

Friday 14 October 2011


Every time I have an interior-designer heroine (which isn't that often, come to think of it) - I always call upon the talented Judy Hutson to give me advice. Judy is a friend and designer par excellence and today she gave me the most delicious lunch at The Pig hotel, in Brockenhurst, which is situated deep in the beautiful New Forest.

There are pigs everywhere!

Pretend pigs in the private dining room....

Real pigs rooting around for acorns (which they love, and which I always thought was a complete myth) while making peculiar noises and shoving their shiny snouts in the direction of your hand, thinking that said hand contains food.

There are also happy chickens charging across the thick, green grass (I brought home a lovely, fresh egg) and the best marmalade jelly I have ever eaten. Well, I've never actually eaten marmalade jelly before - but I am confident that nothing could have tasted better (except perhaps the lemon verbena ice-cream which accompanied it).

Not only did it provide masses of inspiration, The Pig was also the cutest and most comfortable place I've been to in ages - and I want to go back!

Have you been anywhere recently which was so lovely, that you wanted to stay?

Wednesday 5 October 2011


Back from Manchester - one of my favourite cities - where I was doing some work for the Daily Telegraph. I love political party conferences - being on the outside and looking in means that I get to people-watch in a big way. And it's FASCINATING! Interestingly, it's always the most high-profile people with the big jobs who are also the most charming. (And Boris Johnson is about as charming as they get!).

Here I am, sitting in the unbelievably unseasonal sunshine at the gorgeous Lowry Hotel, sipping tea and trying to resist scoffing a second home-baked chocolate chip cookie!

And now I'm back and writing my new book (after an early hiccup when I realised I was going in entirely the wrong direction). It's about a sexy Neapolitan called Ciro D'Angelo - and sweet Lily Scott. Ciro is a man who is used to getting whatever he wants and he wants Lily. It's just a pity she doesn't feel the same way!

I'm quite missing hotel life....having my bed made and room tidied. Having breakfast delivered on a tray with a snowy linen napkin.

So cheer me up and distract me by telling me what's been happening in your world?

Monday 26 September 2011


Do you love bling - or are you one of those people who consider a sleek black suit, teemed with the perfect white shirt to be the epitome of taste?
If you fall into the latter category, then you might wish to look away!

Here I am with fellow author - the lovely Lynn Raye-Harris, at the annual extravaganza which is the RWA's Awards dinner. I think it would be fair to say that it is an evening where no dress could be considered too outré, no jewellery too lavish - and here we are sporting glittering spoils around our necks which would make any magpie want to swoop down on us!

I've just started a new book, which is - of course - why I am posting whimsical posts on my blog! And since this is a blatant request for inspiration (the beginning of a book is always difficult - because although you "know" them in your head, you're still finding out about the characters) - won't you tell me whether you prefer subtle or sparkly.

Or even about the last time you really dressed up....

Thursday 22 September 2011


The great news is that the book I was rushing to finish was accepted without any changes! This is a rare but delicious thing to happen - even if I do feel slightly disorientated, having ear-marked this week for revisions...

The novel is to be called THE MAN SHE DARED NOT DISOBEY (I love that title!) and it features the sexy but rather infuriating Greek tycoon, Zak Constantinides. Some of the action takes place at my favourite London hotel, the Granchester - and the rest of the story is set in New York city. In fact, not very far from Broadway, where this photo was taken.

Back in July, I'd just been out for a delicious Chinese meal with my editor and decided to pose with the iconic, multi-coloured lights gleaming all around me.
One of the things I love about New York is that you can be as outrageous as you like - and nobody bats an eyelid!

So, is it a city that you love, too?

Tuesday 13 September 2011


Mills & Boon are running a fabulous new writing competition called New Voices (you can find details here) - the prize being publication of your own novel.
The competition has its own Facebook page and yesterday, I suggested to entrants that they print out a hard copy of their story to work on, before submitting.

Why? Well, I've published over eighty books and you'd think I might have it down to a fine art, wouldn't you?
Below is a page from the current manuscript I'm working on - bearing in mind that I thought it was as good as it could be when I printed it out!
I don't know why things look different on the page from how they do on screen, they just do.

And a reminder that this week sees the publication of a special release called SATISFACTION, which is about three amazingly gorgeous Greek tycoons, including the highly controversial BOUGHT BY HER HUSBAND.
The book is officially out on September 16th - but I spotted a copy in W H Smith today.

So will you be entering the New Voices competition?

Sunday 4 September 2011


No, I'm not talking about lorries thundering down the M1 motorway, or the difficulty of finding your car in a multi-story if it happens to be silver - but the ability of a photo to transport you to another time, another place.

Which is why, on this morning of relentlessly teaming rain when I'm trying to work towards a Black Moment and realising that I haven't actually got a black moment - that I have chosen instead to return to New York, in July. This pic is of me with the lovely Bryony Green - who has been my editor for seventeen years. (What do you mean? What long-suffering look on her face?)

The photo was taken at the Starlight Room of the Waldorf Astoria hotel where Harlequin threw a fabulous black and white party.

Do you suppose that if life was one long swirl of constant glamour, that we'd get bored with it?

Wednesday 31 August 2011


hits the shelves this week!

FRIDAY, 2nd SEPTEMBER sees the UK paperback release of this sultry and highly emotional desert romance.
You can also order it here

How do you rate the cover?
I love those dreamy ochre towers.....

Tuesday 23 August 2011


Today I'm blogging over on ihearts about my latest US release, which is out in the shops today.
I'm talking about how the story came to be written and about my sexy Russian hero, Nikolai Komarov. So come on over and say hello.
Oh, and one more thing....

At the end of the blog, I've included the most wonderfully evocative piece of music, which is quintessentially Russian.
I wonder if you can guess what it is?

(And this is a post-script to the reader who has just informed me that MONARCH OF THE SANDS is not released in paperback in the UK until September 2nd. Thanks for the heads-up!)
But you can order it here:

Saturday 13 August 2011


Ever since Sheikh Zahid Al Hakam first made a moody appearance with his girlfriend Francesca in ITALIAN BOSS, HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE, readers have written wanting to know more about them. Like, what was the terrible atmosphere between them all about? And why was Zahid so angry with his girlfriend?

I knew there was a story there somewhere, I just had to wait for the idea to come along. And it did. Which is how MONARCH OF THE SANDS was born.

Frankie O'Hara isn't your usual kind of heroine. She's the geeky daughter of a scientist who has known Zahid since she was a little girl. Only the little girl has suddenly grown up....
And Zahid is unprepared for the woman she has become.

I absolutely loved writing this and hope you enjoy reading it - and it's out in the UK now.
The book is a stand-alone, but if you haven't read the story which inspired it, then write to me and I'll see if I can find one lucky recipient a copy.

Thursday 11 August 2011


This book features not one, not two but (you've guessed it!) THREE stories, all about incredibly charismatic and sexy Greek heroes and the women in their lives.

I love Greece; the vibrant blue and dazzling white which seem to define it. I love the scent of pine and of lemons wafting through the air. The sight of a line of octopuses hanging out to dry in the bright sun. The milk-warm sea and the drowsy sense of well-being which creeps over you after just a few hours. I hope I've captured that essential Greek feeling in this book and that you enjoy reading it.

It'll be released in mid-September but you can pre-order it here.

And if you have any inspirational Greek memories, I'd love to hear them....

Saturday 6 August 2011


Is out in the United States right now. It features my first ever sexy-as-hell Russian hero. With his hair of beaten gold and glacially blue eyes, Nikolai Komarov has a heart as cold as ice. And Zara Evans, the small-town waitress who walks into his privileged life - is just about to find that out for herself.
Discover what happens when two very different worlds and two very different people collide...

Oh, and MONARCH OF THE SANDS is now available in the UK. This book tells the story of Zahid and Francesca - which so many readers have been pestering me to write. So now you can discover why they made such a moody entrance in ITALIAN BOSS, HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE!

(Can't quite work out why the two covers are of such differing sizes!).
And now I must try to ignore the sunlight which is glinting on Lake Trasimeno, which I can see from where I write this. Instead, I must lose myself in my latest hero, Zak Constantinides. Oh, but he is TROUBLE!

Monday 25 July 2011


It's 2pm and I'm still wearing last night's make-up and the jeans I threw on first this morning.
Is this sloth, I hear you ask yourself?
Well partly, yes - but in main because the proofs I started correcting seemed to take for-evah! And last week I was slaving away doing revisions for THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING, which will be out early in 2012.

So much of this job takes place in the imagination that I sometimes have to remind myself that it does have a glamorous, real-life side to it.
And to help relive a bit of the glamour - here's a photo taken earlier this month outside the New York Plaza with three amazing fellow Harlequin authors.

On my left is Caitlin Crews - who grew up in New York and now lives in LA. Next to her is Carol Marinelli, originally from England but who now lives in Oz. And on the right is the irrepressible Abby Green, who hails from Dublin. All of them funny, irreverent and supremely talented. A cosmopolitan little bunch, aren't we?

The setting was wonderful - but mainly it was the opportunity to get together with my fellow authors which was so life-affirming. A real perk of a job which by nature is very isolated.
So what would you consider to be a perk of your job?

Monday 11 July 2011

UK readers - buy this week's WOMAN'S OWN!

where you'll find a short-story called BROKEN TRUST, which I wrote specially for the magazine - and where you can also download one of my books for FREE!

The WO team produced a wonderful set of photos to accompany the story - including one of the hero staring broodingly out of the window, which was exactly as I had pictured it in my mind. (Note to editor - do you think he/she could do one of my book covers?!)

It was stepping out of my normal comfort zone to produce a complete story in 1.500 words, instead of 50,000 - but there's nothing I like more than a challenge!

And since my latest book is proving something of a challenge - please inspire me by telling me if you've tried something different recently....

Saturday 9 July 2011


We Presents authors enjoyed the most sumptuous tea at the Plaza Hotel in New York, courtesy of the lovely Jane Porter.
This was a huge thrill for me - not just because the food was so sublime or the decor so amazing - but because one of my favourite films was set here. (And Home Alone 2 is still a must-see for me every Christmas!)
Here I am pictured with Caitlin Crews (centre) and Jane.

And this is me in the same hotel two days later, when I blagged my way in to use the wood-panelled washrooms and couldn't resist reclining on this completely OTT leopard-skin covered sofa..... Thanks to Sarah Morgan for taking this photo, even though she was fearful we were going to be turfed out any second!

Have you been anywhere sumptuous recently?

Friday 8 July 2011


I've caved in and joined Twitter - mainly because I felt I was missing out on a conversation that the rest of the world was having.

So do you Tweet?
If so, please come and find me

Tuesday 5 July 2011


My first morning in New York was spent in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with other Harlequin Presents authors and our lovely editors.
(Note the misty skyscrapers in the background).

This private tour was organised by the lovely Kate Hewitt and the museum was brought to life by her sister-in-law, Anne - an art historian who magically managed to convey the sheer, impressive scale of the collection. Somehow, she made it seem both accessible and cosy - and not in the least bit daunting.

Here I am, standing in front of an exquisite pastoral stained-glass window.

We gazed in awe at the fabulous but slightly scary work of Alexander McQueen - in an exhibition appropriately titled SAVAGE BEAUTY.
In among the carefully-crafted garments you could find glitter galore and the flutter of feathers - as well as the occasional quirky accessory such as epaulets made from alligator heads!
Afterwards, we went to Kate's apartment which is just off 5th Avenue and which made me feel like I was peeling away the outer skin of the city to take a closer look inside.

I love New York.
Do you?

Monday 4 July 2011


Just arrived back from a writers' conference in New York, where I'm pictured hamming it up in a stretch white limo!
It was fab. It was fantastic. And it was best summed up by the bus driver who said (when I started singing): "Lady, you bin hangin' around Broadway too long!".
I will post more details and more completely over-the-top photos when I've recovered - but for now I'm off to run around the water-meadows in an attempt to work off the cheese-cake!

What have I missed (apart from a great Wimbledon Mens' Final...) and what has been happening in your world?

Saturday 25 June 2011


Here's a sneak preview of a book which is out in the UK in September, entitled MONARCH OF THE SANDS. (Do you like the title?)

I've been working like crazy on my latest manuscript, trying to revise it before I go off to the RWA conference, which is being held in a city which seems to get an enthusiastic response whenever I mention it.
Yes, it's New York. I'll be staying on Times Square and collecting an award from Harlequin for having published 75 books. It all feels a bit unreal....

Sooo, I've only ever been to this vibrant town once before - and that was years ago. Do you know it - and do you have any secret or exciting places to share?

Wednesday 15 June 2011


I'm featuring this rose because it's beautiful.
(And wondering what colour you'd call it?)

Not just "yellow" but maybe marzipan or saffron.....?

Have just delivered my manuscript - a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into the story of Sheikh Hassan Al Abbas and Ella Jackson and now all I have to do is wait (rather neurotically) for my editor to come back to me.
All kinds of worse-case scenarios will flit through my mind - but none can possibly be as bad as the time when I said (quite earnestly) that I thought my submission was pretty good.
And then she phoned back the next day to ask for extensive revisions (read: rewrite!). Ever since that day I've never offered an opinion on a book....

So now I'm in that strange space where there is no longer a pressing deadline making you feel guilty if you're not writing. No alarm ringing at 6am to send you stumbling sleepily towards the computer. No conversations in your head which will suddenly make you understand a man who is very complex. In short, I'm missing my characters!

Which is why I'm hoping you'll tell me what you're doing, wherever you are in the world....

Tuesday 7 June 2011


I rushing to meet my deadline and trying (but failing!) to tame my latest hero. His name is Sheikh Hassan Al Abbas and he'll be appearing in a brand-new continuity series which will be coming soon.

I've also penned a short story for Woman's Own - which is an offshoot of my take on Jane Eyre, THE FORBIDDEN INNOCENT. It was great fun to take a minor character from a full-length novel and to give them their own story. I'll let you know when it's coming out.

Meanwhile, I'm counting down the days until I go to New York to the extravaganza of a conference which is thrown annually at the Romance Writers of America. I've just been invited by my publishers to a amazingly fancy party where the dress code is black or white. And the dress I'd been planning to wear is the colour of a smudged rainbow. Oh, the dilemma!

And to those of you who wanted to know when my next Tuscan writing course will be - it's been confirmed as 5th- 12th May, 2012 at the Watermill. So why not get booking?

Here's a picture of me with with some of the students from this year's course. In the background are the lush, verdant mountains you'll find in this picturesque region of the Massa Carrara which is where the Watermill is tucked away.

Tempted? You should be.....

So that's me and my life.
Will you please provide me with inspiration and tell me what's happening in yours?

Sunday 5 June 2011


Listening to this has made me want to rush out and see the film again (which gives a very interesting version of the eternal triangle).
Or to write another Russian hero......
So for Michela and all fans of this haunting melody, I give you:

Does the music "do" it for you - and is the film among your top five?

Thursday 2 June 2011


awaits you over on ihearts, where I'm blogging about my version of Jane Eyre - THE FORBIDDEN WIFE, which has just been published in north America.

So why don't you stop by and make a comment?
And tell me what you think of the music....

Wednesday 1 June 2011


Giovanni bit back his irritation, for why should this pale and unknown Englishwoman know anything about the deep, secret place which was his home? The place in love with its own silence, which shaped the impenetrable character of all Sicilians.

For me, the two sentences above perfectly encapsulate what makes Giovanni Calverri such a delicious and challenging hero. He's proud and he's arrogant - so arrogant that he makes Kate want to scream.....or to kiss him.

THE SICILIAN'S PASSION is out in north America right now. So if you want to be taken on the twisting and evocative journey which is Kate and Giovanni's - why not buy it?

There's a magic about Sicily which seems to snare people's hearts.
So where's your own particular heart-snaring place?

Wednesday 25 May 2011


Here I am by Table Mountain.....

Well, actually - it was clever design at the Chelsea Flower Show where I spent yesterday afternoon basking in the sunshine, while inhaling the heady fragrance of sweet peas, roses and hyacinth.

This was the Garden Of Contemplation.....which was beautifully calm and peaceful (can you see the Buddha?)

And here's a bronze statue which seemed to defy gravity in the way that only very few talented humans are able to.

And finally, The Fish - which was only a very small part of a very elaborate display of flowering temples and elephants. It's amazing - the artistry and flair which exists among dedicated gardeners and which gave me plenty of inspiration for the book I'm currently writing.
A book which features a devastatingly arrogant and irresistible Sheikh - and a woman called Ella who has sworn off men like him.....

Oh, and I've called the fish Wanda - just so you didn't have to!

Monday 23 May 2011


Every so often, you see a photo which just makes you smile - and this is one such photo. It's of aspiring romance writer and dairy-farmer Rachael Thomas, taken in Italy on my recent writing course at Posara.

We go for an inspirational lunch (local fish cooked in chestnut leaves, followed by lemon sorbet in Prosecco) to a place of outstanding natural beauty - with blue-green mountains, emerald grass and rainbow flowers dotted around the meadows.
And this donkey.

We love him! (And Rachael was feeding him handfuls of sweet grass).
I realise that we don't know what he's called and perhaps I should have asked his name - unless anyone would like to suggest one?

Friday 20 May 2011


This photo is especially for Dan, who wanted to see them.

I think you'll agree that trees dripping with creamy-pale blossom in the warm Tuscan sun makes for a pretty seductive image.
This photo also helps explain why the local Acacia honey is so delicious.
And why I always leave a little bit of my heart behind.....

So, to distract me from Italia - why don't you tempt me with descriptions of places where you leave a little bit of your heart.

Saturday 14 May 2011


Just back from one of my favourite places on earth....the Watermill at Posara.
(And here I am camping up the Italian aspect like mad!)

Against a verdant backdrop of soaring green mountains and to the sound of running water and church bells - you can learn how to craft a romantic novel. You will also laugh (I promise) and eat some of the best food you've ever tasted.

And if you're anything like me - you'll be dazzled by what looks like unseasonal snow at the top of the mountain. (Except that it's Carrara marble - the kind which Michelangelo used to fashion his stunning David)....duh!

Here (along with Kerstin and Bill) are the latest amazing bunch of women who took part in the course. The lovely Lesa is behind the camera.
So thank you (from left to right) Amanda, Helene, Jen, Louise, Alison, Jo, Rachael, Pippa, Sue and et moi.
Ladies: you rock!

Wednesday 11 May 2011


are currently inspiring me. (I'll try to post a photo of them tomorrow).
My book THE FORBIDDEN WIFE is out in North America right now.
Oh, and I'm writing a short story for an English magazine....

This may explain why my presence here has been so erratic!
So what have you been doing?

Friday 29 April 2011


Today, a flag-filled land came to a complete halt to watch the wedding of one of its favourite sons.....

Wasn't it lovely?
(But look at the bridesmaid's face!)

Friday 22 April 2011


This week I've given two royal romance workshops in the fabulous Yumchaa tea-shop in Camden. They were attended by a lively and inspirational bunch of participants, which meant that the sessions were fun and (I hope) - helpful to all.

There was also a lone male journalist present, who wrote about his experience for the Evening Standard - and you can read a short version here

The workshop was filmed by the BBC for the popular ONE SHOW - but I have no idea how to include the video on this site.
I love the hyper-hyper feeling of losing touch with reality which being on telly produces - and it's quite gratifying when your mates are telling you that they've seen you in the paper.
But it's all rather time-consuming and I've suddenly realised that I have a book to write before I head off to Tuscany for my annual creative writing course.
So while I think about Hassan and Ella - why don't you tell me what you've been doing in your corner of the world?

Thursday 14 April 2011


Then make your way down to Camden Town on Monday, 18th April - where I'll be giving a workshop which will tell you exactly how to do that.
It'll be in the gorgeous Yumchaa Tea Rooms - where you may remember that I did an interview recently.
You'll be able to drink a delicious cup of royal tea..... Yum! (Chaa!)
And you'll get the chance to craft the outline for your own royal love story.

What's the difference between a normal romance and a Royal Romance, I hear you asking? (You mean apart from jewels which aren't fake, oodles of tradition and all the attendant protocol?).

Well, I think it's because it takes the Cinderella story about as far as it can go - and that's one of the reasons why the books are so popular. It is, if you like - the ultimate love-story.

The tricky bit is making sure that your hero and heroine really and truly love one another - that he cares about her enough not to bother about the fact that she hails from a council house with an outside loo. And that she loves him for who he is, and not because he's got a title and a palace.

So come along and learn lots and join in the fun.

Tuesday 5 April 2011


Just back from Lanzarote - completely knackered, and looking a sort of streaky walnut colour - to discover that the book featuring my FIRST EVER RUSSIAN HERO is at No. 1 on the Mills & Boon chart!
And again.......
Here's the jacket photo of TOO PROUD TO BE BOUGHT.
Lovely, isn't it?

I'll post some Canarian photos later (I seem to have taken a lot of close-ups of pigeons) - after I have given my Sheikh another tweak.

Meanwhile, where have YOU been this week?

Wednesday 23 March 2011


Occasionally, amid all the deadline anxiety, the characters who simply will not obey and the logical loopholes which comprise every book - there comes a reminder that basically, I am in the entertainment industry. And what fun it can be.
Yesterday was just such a day, when I did newspaper interview in a groovy tea-shop in Camden Town, called Yumchaa
Linda Harrison, the journalist (in spotty dress) actually turned up with a stylist

AND a make-up artist!

(I could definitely get used to this!)

Here you can see the back of Daniel, the photographer. Like me, he is of Irish stock and so we spent some time discussing how, as children - we had eaten (if you are squeamish, you may wish to look away now) - stuffed hearts!

We sat in the window overlooking Camden's Parkway, while I told Linda how to write a Mills & Boon romance (she will be submitting a chapter to me for professional feedback). I'll let you know how she does.
Rich carrot and lemon drizzle cakes were on the menu (but not for the PR representative who had given up yeast for Lent!). And we sipped some "Royal Tea" - a blend which has been designed especially to coincide with some famous forthcoming nuptuals. The Kenyan black tea contains rose petals and blackberry leaves, silver candy balls and red candy hearts. It looks like potpourri and tastes absolutely delicious!
All in all, it felt like time out of a normal life - in the way that a day-trip to the seaside sometimes can.
Have you done anything abnormal recently?