Thursday 11 December 2014


Just look at that magnificent skyline, bathed in the clear golden light of a setting winter sun...

If you like Christmas trees, and Christmas - then I have just the book for you. 

Alannah Collins seems to have struck lucky... 
So what are you hoping to find in your stocking?

Monday 1 December 2014


How lazy I have been about blogging.  My only excuse is that I've been travelling around and collecting lots of inspiration on the way.
I've been to Umbria, Venice and beautiful Ireland.

And today I'm celebrating the publication of my shamelessly emotional Christmas story called CHRISTMAS IN DA CONTI'S BED.

It's the featured book at the Harlequin offices in Toronto and seeing this photo gave me an uber  (does anyone know how to get an umlaut on a Mac?) big thrill!

If you'd like to read some more about the book - and how I tackle characterisation before I begin writing - you can go over to iheartpresents

Do you love Chrismas?