Wednesday 25 May 2011


Here I am by Table Mountain.....

Well, actually - it was clever design at the Chelsea Flower Show where I spent yesterday afternoon basking in the sunshine, while inhaling the heady fragrance of sweet peas, roses and hyacinth.

This was the Garden Of Contemplation.....which was beautifully calm and peaceful (can you see the Buddha?)

And here's a bronze statue which seemed to defy gravity in the way that only very few talented humans are able to.

And finally, The Fish - which was only a very small part of a very elaborate display of flowering temples and elephants. It's amazing - the artistry and flair which exists among dedicated gardeners and which gave me plenty of inspiration for the book I'm currently writing.
A book which features a devastatingly arrogant and irresistible Sheikh - and a woman called Ella who has sworn off men like him.....

Oh, and I've called the fish Wanda - just so you didn't have to!

Monday 23 May 2011


Every so often, you see a photo which just makes you smile - and this is one such photo. It's of aspiring romance writer and dairy-farmer Rachael Thomas, taken in Italy on my recent writing course at Posara.

We go for an inspirational lunch (local fish cooked in chestnut leaves, followed by lemon sorbet in Prosecco) to a place of outstanding natural beauty - with blue-green mountains, emerald grass and rainbow flowers dotted around the meadows.
And this donkey.

We love him! (And Rachael was feeding him handfuls of sweet grass).
I realise that we don't know what he's called and perhaps I should have asked his name - unless anyone would like to suggest one?

Friday 20 May 2011


This photo is especially for Dan, who wanted to see them.

I think you'll agree that trees dripping with creamy-pale blossom in the warm Tuscan sun makes for a pretty seductive image.
This photo also helps explain why the local Acacia honey is so delicious.
And why I always leave a little bit of my heart behind.....

So, to distract me from Italia - why don't you tempt me with descriptions of places where you leave a little bit of your heart.

Saturday 14 May 2011


Just back from one of my favourite places on earth....the Watermill at Posara.
(And here I am camping up the Italian aspect like mad!)

Against a verdant backdrop of soaring green mountains and to the sound of running water and church bells - you can learn how to craft a romantic novel. You will also laugh (I promise) and eat some of the best food you've ever tasted.

And if you're anything like me - you'll be dazzled by what looks like unseasonal snow at the top of the mountain. (Except that it's Carrara marble - the kind which Michelangelo used to fashion his stunning David)....duh!

Here (along with Kerstin and Bill) are the latest amazing bunch of women who took part in the course. The lovely Lesa is behind the camera.
So thank you (from left to right) Amanda, Helene, Jen, Louise, Alison, Jo, Rachael, Pippa, Sue and et moi.
Ladies: you rock!

Wednesday 11 May 2011


are currently inspiring me. (I'll try to post a photo of them tomorrow).
My book THE FORBIDDEN WIFE is out in North America right now.
Oh, and I'm writing a short story for an English magazine....

This may explain why my presence here has been so erratic!
So what have you been doing?