Tuesday 25 October 2011


Don't forget that you can still buy my Greek trilogy, SATISFACTION over at Amazon
Three sizzling stories about three outrageously alpha males! (And a fabulous cover).

Meanwhile, since I go to beautiful Italy so often, I've decided to bite the bullet and try to learn the language (though the latter might prove difficult, while doing the former!).
It ain't easy. But I keep telling myself that even if I only ever manage to say the equivalent of "Hello, my name is Sharon and I live in Winchester" - then at least I might be giving my brain-cells a workout!
Anyone else tackling a new skill?

Thursday 20 October 2011


Here's a sneak preview of my next North American release.
MONARCH OF THE SANDS features Zahid and Francesca and is an emotional read about a once-geeky girl and the man who suddenly has the burden of Kingship thrust upon him.

My research for this book was done with the assistance of the brilliant Dr. Lloyd Wood, who was then rather surprised to discover that I'd used hardly any of the things we'd discussed! But as I explained (and say to all students of writing) - you don't need to show the research you've done. Just the fact that you've done it means you can write with freedom and confidence.

I just lurve the cover because it shows the Sheikh in a very intimate moment and I don't just mean because he's kissing Francesca. It would have to be a very relaxed King to have taken off his socks, wouldn't it?

The book will be published on January 24th, but you can pre-order your copy here.
The blue sky behind them reminds me of a line from one of my favourite poems: "All in the blue, unclouded weather."

Who knows which poem I'm talking about?

Friday 14 October 2011


Every time I have an interior-designer heroine (which isn't that often, come to think of it) - I always call upon the talented Judy Hutson to give me advice. Judy is a friend and designer par excellence and today she gave me the most delicious lunch at The Pig hotel, in Brockenhurst, which is situated deep in the beautiful New Forest.

There are pigs everywhere!

Pretend pigs in the private dining room....

Real pigs rooting around for acorns (which they love, and which I always thought was a complete myth) while making peculiar noises and shoving their shiny snouts in the direction of your hand, thinking that said hand contains food.

There are also happy chickens charging across the thick, green grass (I brought home a lovely, fresh egg) and the best marmalade jelly I have ever eaten. Well, I've never actually eaten marmalade jelly before - but I am confident that nothing could have tasted better (except perhaps the lemon verbena ice-cream which accompanied it).

Not only did it provide masses of inspiration, The Pig was also the cutest and most comfortable place I've been to in ages - and I want to go back!

Have you been anywhere recently which was so lovely, that you wanted to stay?

Wednesday 5 October 2011


Back from Manchester - one of my favourite cities - where I was doing some work for the Daily Telegraph. I love political party conferences - being on the outside and looking in means that I get to people-watch in a big way. And it's FASCINATING! Interestingly, it's always the most high-profile people with the big jobs who are also the most charming. (And Boris Johnson is about as charming as they get!).

Here I am, sitting in the unbelievably unseasonal sunshine at the gorgeous Lowry Hotel, sipping tea and trying to resist scoffing a second home-baked chocolate chip cookie!

And now I'm back and writing my new book (after an early hiccup when I realised I was going in entirely the wrong direction). It's about a sexy Neapolitan called Ciro D'Angelo - and sweet Lily Scott. Ciro is a man who is used to getting whatever he wants and he wants Lily. It's just a pity she doesn't feel the same way!

I'm quite missing hotel life....having my bed made and room tidied. Having breakfast delivered on a tray with a snowy linen napkin.

So cheer me up and distract me by telling me what's been happening in your world?