Monday 26 September 2011


Do you love bling - or are you one of those people who consider a sleek black suit, teemed with the perfect white shirt to be the epitome of taste?
If you fall into the latter category, then you might wish to look away!

Here I am with fellow author - the lovely Lynn Raye-Harris, at the annual extravaganza which is the RWA's Awards dinner. I think it would be fair to say that it is an evening where no dress could be considered too outré, no jewellery too lavish - and here we are sporting glittering spoils around our necks which would make any magpie want to swoop down on us!

I've just started a new book, which is - of course - why I am posting whimsical posts on my blog! And since this is a blatant request for inspiration (the beginning of a book is always difficult - because although you "know" them in your head, you're still finding out about the characters) - won't you tell me whether you prefer subtle or sparkly.

Or even about the last time you really dressed up....

Thursday 22 September 2011


The great news is that the book I was rushing to finish was accepted without any changes! This is a rare but delicious thing to happen - even if I do feel slightly disorientated, having ear-marked this week for revisions...

The novel is to be called THE MAN SHE DARED NOT DISOBEY (I love that title!) and it features the sexy but rather infuriating Greek tycoon, Zak Constantinides. Some of the action takes place at my favourite London hotel, the Granchester - and the rest of the story is set in New York city. In fact, not very far from Broadway, where this photo was taken.

Back in July, I'd just been out for a delicious Chinese meal with my editor and decided to pose with the iconic, multi-coloured lights gleaming all around me.
One of the things I love about New York is that you can be as outrageous as you like - and nobody bats an eyelid!

So, is it a city that you love, too?

Tuesday 13 September 2011


Mills & Boon are running a fabulous new writing competition called New Voices (you can find details here) - the prize being publication of your own novel.
The competition has its own Facebook page and yesterday, I suggested to entrants that they print out a hard copy of their story to work on, before submitting.

Why? Well, I've published over eighty books and you'd think I might have it down to a fine art, wouldn't you?
Below is a page from the current manuscript I'm working on - bearing in mind that I thought it was as good as it could be when I printed it out!
I don't know why things look different on the page from how they do on screen, they just do.

And a reminder that this week sees the publication of a special release called SATISFACTION, which is about three amazingly gorgeous Greek tycoons, including the highly controversial BOUGHT BY HER HUSBAND.
The book is officially out on September 16th - but I spotted a copy in W H Smith today.

So will you be entering the New Voices competition?

Sunday 4 September 2011


No, I'm not talking about lorries thundering down the M1 motorway, or the difficulty of finding your car in a multi-story if it happens to be silver - but the ability of a photo to transport you to another time, another place.

Which is why, on this morning of relentlessly teaming rain when I'm trying to work towards a Black Moment and realising that I haven't actually got a black moment - that I have chosen instead to return to New York, in July. This pic is of me with the lovely Bryony Green - who has been my editor for seventeen years. (What do you mean? What long-suffering look on her face?)

The photo was taken at the Starlight Room of the Waldorf Astoria hotel where Harlequin threw a fabulous black and white party.

Do you suppose that if life was one long swirl of constant glamour, that we'd get bored with it?