Saturday, 15 August 2009


downloading pictures from site-to-site - which feels a bit like learning to ride a bike, only without any bruises or grazes to the knees.  Thank heavens for the helpful men in the Mac computer store in Southampton (my new favourite destination).  

Below you'll see the English cover for CONSTANTINE'S DEFIANT MISTRESS, which was published in the UK in June, 09 and is to be released in the US in October, 09.  I'm rather pleased with the heroine's dress which is exactly as I imagined it to be.

The story is about the Constantine Karantinos and Laura, the woman whose life he once sailed into - and just as quickly sailed out of again.   He's outrageously masterful and utterly confident - the kind of man who makes your skin sizzle just by looking at you.  In fact, the best way I can describe the indomitable shipping tycoon is through the Laura's eyes:

He towered over all the other men like a colossus - making everyone else fade into insignificance.  The day she had first met set eyes on him would be imprinted on her mind for ever; he had looked like a Greek god - his powerful body silhouetted against the dying sun, his dark and golden beauty suggesting both vigour and danger....


Constantine's Defiant Mistress by Sharon Kendrickr



  1. Hi Sharon

    I absolutely loved this book, it was utterly perfect in every way. and my God Constantine was tough, but Laura got him in the end.

    I'm a huge fan of yours, you are the master of the classic romance, congrats again on a fab book.

    xx Karen

  2. Thanks, Kaz - Constantine certainly gave me a lot of trouble - but not nearly as much as Casimiro who is my current hero!

    I'll keep you posted about his progress.

  3. Hi Sharon

    Casimiro, what a name, you have to tell me, where's he from? Sounds delicious!

    xx Karen