Friday, 23 July 2010


I couldn't resist trying out this balletic pose while exploring the beautiful gardens at Nymans, which I mentioned in an earlier post.

Here are some pretty flowers (aka "exquisite herbaceous borders")

This is the surreal house - minus a roof!

And this is what they call a Herm

Are you still with me? Do you like the Herm?

As for the exciting news - it's for all you would-be romantic novelists who are longing to write the most powerful love-story of all time.
Well, now you can.
AND you can get it published.
All you have to do is to enter the fantastic new competition being run by Mills & Boon.
So what are you waiting for?


  1. The gardens are positively beautiful, Sharon. Thanks for the pictures.

    And cheers to Mills & Boon for their new competition. It sounds like a great way for new writers to enter the world of publishing. Budding authors need more opportunities like this...

  2. Love the photos Sharon, it looks a lovely place.
    Of course I shall be entering the competition! It's such an exciting opportunity.


  3. Really a good opportunity for future romance authors – although I think that the competition isn’t extended to NON English (American or Australian) aspiring writers.

    Talking about writing – recently I had a very weird dream (at the beginning it looked like a cheering scenario but it suddenly turned into a nightmare!) and when I woke up I instantly thought of writing about it.
    I’ve thought it might be a good idea for a supernatural/thriller story or novel.
    I’ve often heard that some stories spring from dreams. Unfortunately I can’t focus on it as I would right now because I’m on holiday in Sardinia where blinding sun (I’m red as a beetroot…), stunning sea, excellent food, the best company and the glamour of the island aren’t a proper inspiration for a thriller but a lovely distraction – so I think I’ll work on it as soon as I go home.

  4. Michela, this is a truly INTERNATIONAL competition. So anyone out there in the US of A (or indeed, in Sardinia!) who is keen to get themselves published in romantic fiction - should start writing - NOW!

  5. Oh, and good luck to everyone who's going to enter!