Saturday, 23 October 2010


I'm absolutely THRILLED that one of the aspiring authors I was mentoring for the New Voices competition has made it through to the
final four. And commiserations to those who didn't make the cut - the standard was unbelievably high and I hope that each and every one of you will complete your manuscript and send it in.

Carrie Spencer's HELP WANTED: APPLY FOR LOVE has everything you'd want from a romantic novel. A feisty heroine in Gabby and a hero who is more than her match - the delicious Finn. A sparky and intelligent office romance, it was one of those stories which engaged me from the get-go and which made me desperate to read what happens next.

The last part of the competition is for the four finalists to write a pivotal moment. This is a big, emotional point in the book - maybe that dark time when they lay their souls bare and you think that there is no hope left....

I hope you'll read the entries, which will be on the website next week. And I hope you'll

Good luck to you all - and Carrie - you're brilliant!


  1. Thanks Sharon! I'm pivotal momenting away! =) Digging deep for those emotions to spill out onto the page....
    Thanks for the mentoring help, it's beyond invaluable!


  2. Good luck to the finalists! Congratulations, Carrie!

  3. Carrie - I love your entry! I hope I can read the whole book one of these days!

  4. Dear Sharon,
    news from Roma: passed my oral exam (hooray!) and now waiting for the final ranking... before the end of the year I might start my course as a warrant officer!!!! And the dream goes on...

    Congratulations, Carrie! Dreams becoming true are a rush of adrenalin...

  5. Michela - that's fantastic (but completely unsurprising!) news!

    Onwards and upwards...