Friday, 26 November 2010


Yesterday, I had lunch at Skye Gyngell's sublime restaurant at Petersham Nurseries - which was a fairyland of creamy candles, sprays of green foliage and waxy, scented gardenias. And lots of Christmas trees....
Look closely and you'll see that (in true panto fashion) there's one behind me!

It is the most incredible place to eat - full of light and atmosphere and using locally-sourced incredients wherever possible. Somewhere in among the branches behind me in this photo - a little robin is hopping around.

It took some time before I could be persuaded to remove my coat because the temperature outside was ARCTIC! But the restaurant helpfully provides soft, tweedy blankets which you can snuggle up in. We ended wrapping them around our waists, sarong-style and staging an imprompu fashion show (thanks to the diners on the next table for applauding!).

And the best part of the meal? The conversation, naturally - though the baked ricotta and Italian peasant soup came a close second.

I'm off to a wedding this afternoon - after I've scraped an inch of ice from my windscreen....what will you be doing this weekend?


  1. I'm flying down to Melbourne on Sunday for a week's research there.

    Looking forward to getting around on the trams again, though the weather could be anything -it is the city of 'four seasons in one day' after all ...

    Hope the wedding's lovely

  2. the restaurant looks lovely, this weekend i shall be planning my thanxgiving menu (my friend and i decided to have one on Monday our toddlers won't know the difference)

  3. Enjoy the wedding Sharon. At least you only have ice - so far. Here in Wales it has snowed heavily for the last hour.
    Love the idea of snuggling in blankets whilst having lunch!

  4. Happy Wedding Day, Sharon!

    This weekend will be special to me:
    I'm going to visit friends and relatives since next Monday I'll start my course as a warrant officer for three years in L'Aquila, Abruzzo.
    I'll be back during Christmas holiday and I'm sorry Sharon if I won't post any comments here because we (military) aren't permitted to use our pc during the first weeks.
    All training and concentration... and there's so much snow in L'Aquila right now!

    Hope to read all your news when I'll be back.
    Love, M. x

  5. Michela - we will miss your comments!

    All best wishes and luck for your exciting new course.

  6. Have fun at the joyous occasion, Sharon!

    Yesterday (Thanksgiving here in the states) I had a great time seeing how many family members we could fit into my parents' modest-sized suburban home. It was fantastic fun. When my brothers and I get together, you never know what will happen...

    Tonight was another story entirely. I had a quiet - but lovely - evening with friends. There was laughter and a bit of wine, and some great conversation. I love the holidays for the simple reason that they provide the time to catch up and spend time with friends and family.

  7. Good luck, Michela! You'll definitely be missed. Stay safe!

  8. Thanks Sharon and thanks Dan! I'll miss you so much too!

    I'm already accostumed to this sort of "separation from technology" (being a former military) but it won't be for too long.
    A period far from this in the past and I was a perfect soldier, so... it works. :-)

    I will miss you all! *holds back tears*
    Ciaooo x

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