Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Occasionally, amid all the deadline anxiety, the characters who simply will not obey and the logical loopholes which comprise every book - there comes a reminder that basically, I am in the entertainment industry. And what fun it can be.
Yesterday was just such a day, when I did newspaper interview in a groovy tea-shop in Camden Town, called Yumchaa
Linda Harrison, the journalist (in spotty dress) actually turned up with a stylist

AND a make-up artist!

(I could definitely get used to this!)

Here you can see the back of Daniel, the photographer. Like me, he is of Irish stock and so we spent some time discussing how, as children - we had eaten (if you are squeamish, you may wish to look away now) - stuffed hearts!

We sat in the window overlooking Camden's Parkway, while I told Linda how to write a Mills & Boon romance (she will be submitting a chapter to me for professional feedback). I'll let you know how she does.
Rich carrot and lemon drizzle cakes were on the menu (but not for the PR representative who had given up yeast for Lent!). And we sipped some "Royal Tea" - a blend which has been designed especially to coincide with some famous forthcoming nuptuals. The Kenyan black tea contains rose petals and blackberry leaves, silver candy balls and red candy hearts. It looks like potpourri and tastes absolutely delicious!
All in all, it felt like time out of a normal life - in the way that a day-trip to the seaside sometimes can.
Have you done anything abnormal recently?


  1. Lemon Drizzle cake! drooollll

    Abnormal? I actually went for a run this morning ... will need to make those normal though if I'm going to track down and indulge in a Lemon Drizzle now the idea's sown...

    Great photos - you'll have to put a link up for us when the article appears.


  2. What a classy lassie you are dear friend. Finished The Forbidden Innocent.....loved it. Now starting His Majesty's Child.

    Haven't had much time for reading. Busy taking care of family and friends.

  3. Ooh Sharon, I have GOT to get my hands on some of that tea! Love, love, love all the glamour and all those knee shots of course! You were made for this sort of thing!

    Mum used to roast lamb hearts for tea when I was a child too.Generally she overcooked them - thank God for lots of gravy!(As for granny - lambs brains on toast - oh yes ...)


  4. Great photos, Sharon! (I love the name of the tea shop.) Sounds as if you had a wonderful time.

    The lemon drizzle cake sounds fantastic - I'll pass on the stuffed hearts, thank you...

  5. Dan, there has traditionally always been an appetite for offal in Britain - do I take it this is not a love shared by our friends across the Pond?
    (By the way - I would also pass on hearts, these days. Other than the broken ones I write about, of course....)

  6. This post about tea and its blends made me remember several episodes occurred long time ago.
    ...Though I'm addicted to coffee, I love tea very much. My grandmother had a Russian housekeeper and she's still one of my best friends; I was only 16 when I met her.
    When I used to visit my grandma Nina (Ninocka to me) used to prepare tea and, for Russian people, this is a rite.
    First of all, she used the well-known "samovar", the metal container used to boil water where you can also prepare tea.
    Then we drank it next to the fireplace and she used to read me Russian poems or she told me about Russian stories in English.
    Then, I didn't understand a word of Russian! - and now it still seems quite unreal to talk it as my own language...
    Ninocka used to prepare a tea called "Kusmi Prince Vladimir" - a delicious blend with scents of vanilla, citrus fruits and spices.
    It was a magical period, which made me love Russian culture, language and traditions.
    It wasn't a usual experience but I wouldn't define it abnormal... so, it was just amazing to breathe "Russian air" during those afternoons.

  7. Sharon you are officially THE most glamorous person I know. Hands down. x Abby

  8. I just love that dress! Very glam indeed. And that tea sounds amazing.

    Also dead jealous you have copies of A Royal Wedding. Haven't touched down this way yet and can't wait.

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