Saturday, 13 August 2011


Ever since Sheikh Zahid Al Hakam first made a moody appearance with his girlfriend Francesca in ITALIAN BOSS, HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE, readers have written wanting to know more about them. Like, what was the terrible atmosphere between them all about? And why was Zahid so angry with his girlfriend?

I knew there was a story there somewhere, I just had to wait for the idea to come along. And it did. Which is how MONARCH OF THE SANDS was born.

Frankie O'Hara isn't your usual kind of heroine. She's the geeky daughter of a scientist who has known Zahid since she was a little girl. Only the little girl has suddenly grown up....
And Zahid is unprepared for the woman she has become.

I absolutely loved writing this and hope you enjoy reading it - and it's out in the UK now.
The book is a stand-alone, but if you haven't read the story which inspired it, then write to me and I'll see if I can find one lucky recipient a copy.


  1. Oooh! oooh! me! me! (Am halfway through sharon's shameful secret shotgun wedding.)


  2. I've already read ITALIAN BOSS, HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE... so I think that unaware readers deserve a copy more than me :-( xo

  3. It sounds fantastic! How did I miss that one? I expect Italian Boss, Housekeeper Bride flew off the shelves and the sneaky assistants rearranged the display so you wouldn't know. You've got to watch them.

    I can't wait to read Frankie and Zahid's story (great title too). Do you have an Australian release date yet?

  4. Okay, Lloyd - you've got it! The book will be winging its way to you.

    Lacey, thanks for that. MONARCH OF THE SANDS is a fab title, isn't it - and amazingly enough - it's one I suggested myself!
    Don't yet have an Australian release date - but I'll endeavour to find out and let you know.

  5. Congratulations, Lloyd! :)

    Am off to a holiday farm for few days (the place is stunning!) - we celebrate the mid-August holiday in Italy...and there'll be a fab party.

    Do you also celebrate it in England? x

  6. Congrats to Lloyd!

    I love that Monarch of the Sands is one you suggested yourself! I think I might have to give in to the lure of the internet and order them :-) There's only so long a bibliophile wait! lol

  7. Yay!! I have been waiting for this book to come out for months!!!!!


  8. I'm still wondering what happened in ITALIAN BOSS, HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE...

  9. Hope you enjoy it, Melanie - do let me know!

  10. Oh, Lloyd - have been so busy working on my Greek that I forgot to post it....though first of all I have to find a copy (cue venturing down to basement, overflowing with books)!
    I'm onto it...

  11. BUMMER!! I just found out on amazon that MONARCH OF THE SANDS does not come out until Jan 2012! I am so sad :(