Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Mills & Boon are running a fabulous new writing competition called New Voices (you can find details here) - the prize being publication of your own novel.
The competition has its own Facebook page and yesterday, I suggested to entrants that they print out a hard copy of their story to work on, before submitting.

Why? Well, I've published over eighty books and you'd think I might have it down to a fine art, wouldn't you?
Below is a page from the current manuscript I'm working on - bearing in mind that I thought it was as good as it could be when I printed it out!
I don't know why things look different on the page from how they do on screen, they just do.

And a reminder that this week sees the publication of a special release called SATISFACTION, which is about three amazingly gorgeous Greek tycoons, including the highly controversial BOUGHT BY HER HUSBAND.
The book is officially out on September 16th - but I spotted a copy in W H Smith today.

So will you be entering the New Voices competition?


  1. Sharon, your methods obviously work. Your finished product is always outstanding. Until recently I had never read anything in the romance fiction genre; I'm very glad that I chose one of your books to be the first. Honestly, the quality of your writing would work well in any genre. You could make flat-pack furniture assembly instructions sound intriguing and compelling.

    Best of luck to all of the entrants; this sounds like another great opportunity for a new author!

  2. Aw, Dan - you always say the nicest things! Wouldn't it be great if flat-pack furniture assembly instructions were as easy and as life-enhancing to read as romance? Or legal contracts....

    Back to the wip which must be delivered by Thursday morning.

  3. I loooove to print out my chapters! There's something about reading it on paper that makes the brain work harder or the muses sing louder! =)

  4. How I agree, Carrie (which Carrie is that, by the way?). Also, printing out the chapters means that I am temptingly close to The End!

  5. Thanks for the pic, Sharon! I often print out my chapters thinking they're at least in the okay category and they end up looking like that. There could be hope for me yet ;-)

  6. I'm not the only one then ;o) - printing out is a necessity for me both writing novels and for the day job! I *always* spot mistakes I've made. It's a shame I can't do it for Blogger comments as well as inevitably I always spot mistakes afterwards! Caroline x

  7. Interesting, Lacey and Caroline....makes me wonder if reading a book in e-book form can possibly be as satisfying as the good old-fashioned page-turning version, which engages far more senses in the process!