Friday, 14 October 2011


Every time I have an interior-designer heroine (which isn't that often, come to think of it) - I always call upon the talented Judy Hutson to give me advice. Judy is a friend and designer par excellence and today she gave me the most delicious lunch at The Pig hotel, in Brockenhurst, which is situated deep in the beautiful New Forest.

There are pigs everywhere!

Pretend pigs in the private dining room....

Real pigs rooting around for acorns (which they love, and which I always thought was a complete myth) while making peculiar noises and shoving their shiny snouts in the direction of your hand, thinking that said hand contains food.

There are also happy chickens charging across the thick, green grass (I brought home a lovely, fresh egg) and the best marmalade jelly I have ever eaten. Well, I've never actually eaten marmalade jelly before - but I am confident that nothing could have tasted better (except perhaps the lemon verbena ice-cream which accompanied it).

Not only did it provide masses of inspiration, The Pig was also the cutest and most comfortable place I've been to in ages - and I want to go back!

Have you been anywhere recently which was so lovely, that you wanted to stay?


  1. Last weekend I was in a Swiss Chalet and really wish I still was! Love the pigs and The Pig sounds a fascinating place.

  2. Sounds like a great place to spend an afternoon, Sharon. Great pictures!

    On a recent trip to Seattle, I spent several hours at one of my favorite places on earth: Bauhaus Books & Coffee. It's a great place to curl up with a good book... The people are friendly, the decor is eclectic and the expansive windows provide my favorite view of the city. I never miss a chance to stop in when I'm in town. And when I die, I want to be buried with a couple of their raspberry scones.

  3. Rachael, I've only ever been to Switzerland briefly (on a double-decker bus which was "doing" Europe in three weeks) - but every photo I've ever seen makes it look chocolate-box perfect, and I really must go back....

    Dan, you've already "sold" Seattle to me and if I go there (or should I say "when", in a spirit of optimism?!) I will be sure to try the raspberry scones (yum!) at Baulhaus Books.