Friday, 9 March 2012


I'm loving this Autralian cover of my book THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING, which arrived yesterday morning along with Japanese, Italian and French translations. It's always a treat when foreign editions tumble through the letter box. It makes me realise how truly global romance is....because everyone loves a love story.

I've been frantically busy on my latest manuscript which features a woman called Roxy Carmichael, who used to be famous - but not any more. One time girl-band member Roxy has fallen on hard times. She's bruised and disillusioned - though her talent and her ambition haven't withered one bit.
Rosy is a survivor who's used to standing on her own two feet and the last person she wants to accept help from is the sexy and powerful Duke of Torchester.
But as we all know, you can't always get what you want....

Other than that, I went to the Romantic Novelists' Association's fantastic awards ceremony, in the Gladstone Library in London. (I have a very soft spot for Gladstone).
I also saw SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER at the National Theatre, which was first performed in 1773. It was a brilliant performance - but the most startling thing of all was the freshness of the dialogue, which could have been written yesterday.
Because that's the thing about human nature....times change, but people don't.


  1. Sharon

    Great to see the Australian cover of your latest - will look out for a copy here. So are any sections translated for Aussie-isms? The hero and heroine must 'pash' at some point surely?

    J x

  2. Love the hot Australian cover Sharon! A great cover for a great book. Looking forward to reading Roxy's story.

  3. Perhaps you could explain the meaning of *pash*, Jack - by giving us an example in a sentence?

    And thanks, Rachel - delivered revisions on the Roxy story yesterday and am now just hoping my editor likes them!

  4. Lovely cover! But I'd like to see the Italian one .. :)

    Good luck for your revisions! Curious to read about this heroine's new personality.

    What's Roxy's book name?

  5. Roxy''s book hasn't been accepted yet, Michela. It went to my editor this afternoon....fingers crossed!

  6. Hi Sharon, I saw the book on the shelves in the weekend (here in NZ) and the cover alone made me buy it :)) To be about a Sheikh (my faves) was just a bonus!

    Good luck with Roxy's story.

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