Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I've just been tagged by one of my favourite authors, the lovely India Grey (currently writing a BIG BOOK which I'm very excited about!), who has asked me to reproduce this cutesy photograph of a delicious marmalade-coloured gerbera, set against an impossibly blue sky.

And then to tell you about all the things I like best. It's something called the Sunshine Award.... (What do you mean, "why?" It doesn't matter why!).
I love foreign films (particularly dark, French ones) - the sense of being transported to another country and then the credits roll and you realise you're still in Soho. I like variety in most things but especially the weather (rain? hail? bring it on!). I like the feel of silk against my skin or the rousing sound of a live orchestra - especially if there's a choir involved. The nostalgic scent of woodsmoke always gets me (as does the sensual overload you get when you bury your nose in lilac, or lily-of-the-valley). I like the buzz of going somewhere new - and the kicking-off-your-shoes cosiness of arriving home again. I like anything to do with Narnia. Or live theatre. I like intelligence and newspapers and National Anthems. I love cake - both making it and eating it. Ditto, curry. And I love everyone in my life who makes me smile. You know who you are.

Now I'm going to tag the fabulous Heidi Rice and ask her to tell me a few of her favourite things.
But first, I'm wondering what yours might be.....


  1. I love cinema and theatre. I like sunsets. I like sea and the salted air you breathe. I like running on the sand when it’s terribly hot because of the sun. I love black and white movies. Well, I love movies in general. I love listening to Maria Callas. She’s the only singer who perfectly knows my mood, in every moment. I love travelling but I love home. Dorothy said “There no place like home” in THE WIZARD OF OZ. She was right. I love postcards and letters. I love few months old babies’ laughs. They make you feel suddenly happy when you’re sad. I like shoes and high heels. I love velvet. I like cooking and eating. I love speaking languages and books. I love information and news. I love surprises.
    The list is still long anyway…

  2. This is a wonderful list, Michela - and thanks for sharing it.
    I love postcards and letters as well and you've prompted me to keep writing them. Because I doubt whether anyone will ever keep an's just not the same as re-reading a letter which evokes all kinds of memories (as well as bearing the distinctive mark of the writer).

  3. Touché...letters can really bring back MANY, MANY memories.

  4. I like sitting huddled up in a dark room with a softest blanket around me during storms.I also like reading love stories which have happily ever afters and I absolutely love the Greek mythology, the Greek culture and anything that is Greek.I love stone cottages in lush green countrysides and Poetry is the love of my life.
    How fulfilling it would be if the love of your life write you a poem in a letter.