Friday, 18 May 2012


Last night I went to the RNA "summer" (light rain, icy wind, no change there) party in central London and as usual, I completely forgot to take any photos.  So you'll just have to take my word for it that there was bubbly and merriment and the awarding of prizes.  That sparkly pink balloons were glittering on the sidelines and teeny-weeny portions of fish n' chips were served and eaten in a couple of careless mouthfuls.  And that as well as an enthusiastic gathering of lovely Mills & Boon editors - I saw Heidi Rice, Abby Green and Fiona Harper.

Abby was staying in the most luscious hotel - The Haymarket - which Vanity Fair describes as "a whole new definition of glamour".  With its clashing yellow walls, funky furniture and lavish use of velvet - I'd second that.

And I'm still over on iheartspresents, talking about my latest book THE SHEIKH'S HEIR.
Do come by and make a comment....

Or maybe tell me about the most lavish hotel which you've ever stayed in.


  1. The poshest hotel I've ever stayed in would be The Waldorf in London - in fact it's the only posh one I've ever stayed in - must fix that!

    Party sounded fab, see you at the next one hopefully!

  2. Ooh, now I shall go and investigate The Waldorf, Rachel. There are so many kinds of "posh" these days, aren't there? Fiercely traditional, boho lavish, minimalistic chic etc etc

  3. Ah you know me old bean - far too many to mention. All of them in the long distant past. I do, however, remember the Inter Continental in Bangkog as being quite, quite gorgeous.....but then there was the Luxor in Las Vegas - vulgar luxury - and of course the understated class of the Holiday Inn, Tokyo with their wonderful manners.

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