Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Living in a Cathedral city like Winchester, it's easy to take the accompanying beauty for granted.  So that's something I'm not going to do any more - and as a new year resolution, this seems a pretty good one to stick to.
Here we go then.  Me living in the "present" - an exercise in Mindfulness, which the Daily Telegraph says is all the rage and which apparently helps you enjoy chocolate even more!  (Which is exactly what you need right after Christmas....!

Today the sky was as blue as a bird's egg (only without the speckles) and the bell ringers were hard at it, producing the kind of sounds you often hear in BBC costume dramas.  Apparently, the bells had been ringing since eleven and on my way to lunch seveveral hours later, they were still going.

I ate a delicous Thai green curry at the Wessex Hotel with talented potter Louise Hummerstone and her chums and afterwards walked back through the Cathedral Square (which you can get a  round view of in the video above), while people skated on the temporary ice-rink and ate popcorn (though not at the same time, obviously).

It's nearly the end of the holidays.  Time to take down my Christmas tree (waaaaah!) and continue with my new story.

It features a woman from the west coast of Ireland named Bridget Browne and an Irish friend has given me a big thumbs-down for her name.
Not sure now.....

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