Monday, 2 December 2013


So which city would get your vote for the above title?
Would it be Paris? * 
All the above (and plenty of others) are possibilities.  Beauty after all, lies in the eye of the beholder and if you've had the most amazing time of your life in New York - then you're always going to look adoringly on that place.

For me, it has to be Venice - mainly because it's a city which defies logic.  It's a masterpiece - a triumph of beauty over practicality.  It's a dream of a place.  Where traffic jams make you smile…

And restaurants serve exquisite food like this:

Here's the view from the hotel terrace…

And here I am in the sumptuous lobby of the gorgeous Gritti Palace Hotel where I was staying with two of my dearest friends….

In other news - my book has changed radically.  I've scrapped what I'd written (17,000 words - boo, hoo!) because it wasn't working.  But then this morning I sat down to write the new version and the story just took off.  
I think - hope - that we have lift-off!
How was your weekend?

*cue for Jessica Hart to plug Paris book!


  1. Venice! My dream destination! I have yet to go there mind, but I will one day.
    Have a great time Sharon and keep those words flowing!

  2. Faint but pursuing, here I am, following my cue, Sharon! I have never been to Venice (am currently lobbying OSO as would love to go) but yes, Paris has to be very high on the list of most beautiful cities in the world. That's why Clara picks it as one of her three destinations when it comes to testing romance: is it Paris, is it a tropical island, or is it the Highlands of Scotland? And the answer is ... oh, but that would spoil the surprise, right? We'll Always Have Paris - the clue is not necessarily in the title! Enjoy Venice, Sharon - I want that hotel view! *slinks off after all that plugging*

  3. Absolutely stunning pics Sharon
    J x
    ps what of the crabs did you eat?!

  4. I ll see that place once in my life.