Friday, 3 January 2014


Wonder if it's cheating to lie soaking in a bath brimming with detox bath salts while drinking strong coffee.?
(Oh, well).
The tree is naked and sitting outside the front door, waiting to be recycled.  Kitsch Santa (carrying a flock of robins, while having a golden candle stuck in his back) is back in his  permanent home in the loft.
And I've had to pack away the unbelievably cute music box, which I bought in the Christmas Shop in Padstow and which is well worth a visit if you're down that way.
So for one last time….

Hope your Christmas had bells on!


  1. Did you blog from the bath? Very impressed! Where's the most bizzare place you've tweeted from?
    Happy New Year,
    J x

  2. No, Jack - I blogged AFTER my bath!
    Most bizarre place? Possibly in Margaret Mitchell's house in Atlanta, while looking at a newspaper cutting about Sheikhs!

  3. Ah hah, I see ... don't need to imagine a waterproof iPad or laptop now! That's a pretty special place to have tweeted from.