Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Last week I went to Richmond to have lunch with my editor, which is always a treat.  It's one of the few times when I feel like a "real" writer and a professional - instead of someone who just sits in a room in her PJs. making up stories.
At some point I must have mentioned (wistfully) to our editorial team that when I signed my first contract, there wasn't any kind of celebratory party - which has become a lovely tradition for today's new authors.  
So as I walked into the offices I was delighted to see this:

All the hard-working team gathered round for a toast!
(I am the one with the extended leg and my editor of many years - Bryony Green - is standing beside me).  

A close-up of the board shows a mock-up of my April, 2015 release CARRYING THE GREEK'S HEIR and it's a really gorgeous cover.

Look closely and feast your eyes on a photo of Ireland's finest actor David Wilmot (if you haven't already seen SHADOW DANCER, then go and watch it right now.  You won't find a better film).  There's also a photo of me on a dance floor in San Francisco but the less said about that - the better!

Oh, and to top it all I heard that my 94th title has been accepted.  Set in Venice and Cornwall, it features sexy, former bodyguard Loukas Sarantos a man who is now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, and Jessica Cartwright - the only woman to ever reject him.  It will be released in October, 2015 - title to follow.

What was the last thing you celebrated?


  1. What a lovely surprise from the team! And really great photos. (Any chance of a clearer image of the San Francisco dance floor?!)
    Intrigued to read your next book is set in Cornwall. Whereabouts? I've just booked a minibreak in a cottage near Rock on the North Coast to celebrate submitting my MS and my birthday. Two celebrations in one!
    Jack x

    1. Jack, congratulations on submitting your MS and a very happy birthday to you!
      My book is set in a place called Trevone, which I thoroughly recommend you visit. You can walk along the coastal path down to Harlyn Bay, which is very beautiful.

  2. Massive congratulations on all those fabulous books Sharon and I hope you enjoyed your day at the office!

    1. Thanks so much, Rachael and yes - I had a fabulous day!