Thursday, 1 January 2015

NEW YEAR: NEW COVER! (Plus reasons why being a writer is A Fabulous Job…)

Meet Alek Sarantos and Ellie Brooks.  He's a ruthless Greek tycoon and she's the innocent waitress who inadvertently captures his interest.  Ellie is way out of Alek's league and they both know it.  A night of powerful sexual chemistry is one thing - but a lifetime of commitment?
The fireworks start right here….

And the reasons why being a writer feels like being sprinkled with fairy dust?

1.  Everyone knows that writers can wear their PJ's to work - but what about dusting off those sequins or feathers which now seem a tad too trashy/daring to wear outside?  Feel like a movie character within the comfort of your own home!

2.  Sitting staring out of the window can be classified as "research".  

3.  Make your general nosiness legit.  Most people will answer questions if you tell them you're a writer.  Some are kind enough to let you "shadow" them for the day and take you somewhere nice for lunch.  

4.  Writers never stop learning.  This morning I learned about water resources in Saudi Arabia and the healing properties of fire-berry cream*.

5.  You can improve your writing skills all the time.  Sometimes you can even do this in a gorgeous setting like Tuscany.  (Now follows a shameless plug for the Posara writing course I'm teaching at the Watermill in May 2015).  So if you fancy a week of writing and joining the ranks of the other now-published writers who have attended, why not book your place in the sun

And I'll leave you with a lovely image of the Tuscan hills and the famous donkey - with Rachael Thomas, who now writes for Harlequin Presents.

*which I invented


  1. Happy New Year Sharon! I'm intrigued ... what does Fire-Berry Cream cure?

  2. I can't give away any spoilers, Jack…if you want the answer to your question then you'll just have to buy CARRYING THE GREEK'S HEIR - which is published on March 17th - St Patrick's day!

  3. I so loved my time in Tuscany, especially the day we go to that fabulous restaurant which feels like it's on top of the mountain. They also have gorgeous donkeys.
    Looking forward to reading Carrying The Greek's Heir!