Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This has been an amazing week, so far.  My 95th book was accepted.  My March/April 2015 release has been chosen as a Romantic Times TOP PICK.  Oh, and I was on holiday in Cornwall.

Picture the scene.  It's February.  It's England.  The worst cold snap in aeons.  Yet I get this...

Beautiful, isn't it?  The photo was taken at the Lizard which is a secret backwater,  an area of outstanding natural beauty - and the most southwesterly point of the British mainland.  

It is also the stunning backdrop for the eagerly anticipated new series of Polldark, starring Aidan Turner.

So, not exactly on TOP of the world - but feeling pretty damned good.

All I want to know is how that bat has managed to fly onto my left hand without me noticing...


  1. I love Cornwall. Such a beautiful place. Looks like your having a great fun time.

  2. Gosh -- what a week Sharon. Congratulations! Fantastic pics too. And really interesting that Poldark is coming back. I recently stayed in a place used had as a location in the 1970s series. Quite possibly the most romantic place on the Cornish coast to be holed up in ... and anyone can rent it! The National Trust link is here: