Wednesday, 19 October 2016


is out right now. 
It's a book I loved writing with a heroine who's had a lot of stuff thrown at her but it's made her strong and it's made her determined.  

Willow Hamilton has been protected from the world for most of her life and finds herself longing for adventure.  The man she picks for her particular adventure ( can you guess what that might be?) is possibly the world's worst candidate for a naive innocent like her.  
He's powerful, he's tough and he's dangerous - in an emotional sense of the word - the trouble is that he's also irresistible!

The book is released this week in the USA and UK and features some amazing settings - from a crumbling stately home in the English countryside, to a luxury mansion on Long Island - with a Caribbean island thrown in for good measure.  It's part of the billionaire's legacy mini-series  and although it's a stand-alone novel, there are seven other great books for you to enjoy - including the story of Dante's twin by Caitlin Crews.  

Hope you like it.  

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  1. What's Willow's adventure? With Long Island and the Caribbean as locations I'm wondering whether it's learning to sail or a yacht race challenge?