Thursday, 15 October 2009


I love my job.  What other job in the world would give you the opportunity to stand next to a life-size fake horse outside a tea-shop in San Francisco?
So thanks for the photo, Kimberley - sadly, there was not a playboy sheikh in sight - but readers will be able to find his story on Harlequin easily enough....

Today I'm doing an interview with BBC Radio Solent at 2pm to talk about my latest book: THE ITALIAN BILLIONAIRE'S SECRETARY MISTRESS.
I will also be making a boeuf bourguignon (even though I've just checked it - that still looks like a typo) - to accompany the Nigella snowflake brownies I made yesterday (what's that creaking sound?  that'll be the arteries!) because I was so influenced and entranced by the Julie/Julia film.  Suddenly, I'm back into cooking in a big way.....

What's your all-time favourite recipe?


  1. Great interview Sharon, some really good points raised and a new reader for Mills and Boon too!

    Having been to Tuscany for your course it was lovely to hear you talk of it and I really would love to go again!

    The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress is great. Can't wait for the next book.

  2. Generally I consume the results of other people following recipes rather than following them myself. If I do have to cook recipes which are quick and easy but look like you've spent hours slaving is my ideal!! Of recipes made by others my favourite is my mother's fruit cake. Of recipes made by me something I got from an Ainsley Hariot cookbook involving chicken, couscous and roasted cherry tomatoes!!

    Love the surrealness of you and the horse!

  3. Thanks, Rachael. I'll be putting a YouTube link for the Cheltenham Festival on the blog. And glad you enjoyed the latest book - I rather liked Angie myself....

  4. Your mother's fruit-cake recipe, please Jo! (Mother's recipes tend to be unbeatable).

  5. Congrats on the interview, Sharon. That is fabulous. And the picture of you and the fake horse is great! San Francisco is a fun place.

    Oddly most of my favorite recipes come from my mom. I adore her pumpkin cookies and made from scratch German chocolate cake. One of my own favorites is cranberry muffins. Ah, now I'm super hungry!

  6. Here's the BBC Radio Solent interview link - skip forward for an hour:

    Great stuff Sharon. How's your handbag dealing with the new found fame?

  7. Has to be my devine carrot cake. I don't make it very often, but it's so gooey and delicious, that everybody who ever has a piece, go into pure bliss. Oh, and my coq au vin, it's full of beautiful red wine and brandy, umm fabulous.xx Karen

  8. I'm going to buy your latest book published here in Italy - "Bought for the Sicilian billionaire's bed" - and I'm sure it will be great!
    Recipes... well, here in Italy we have so many of them... lasagne, maccheroni, spaghetti, parmigiana di melanzane, cannelloni, gnocchi al pomodoro, fettuccine... you just have to ask!

    xx Kind regards,

    Michela from Naples

  9. Interestingly, I've never made carrot cake (how sad is that?) because it always looks such an infernally difficult recipe.....

    And Michela - Italian cuisine is wonderful - I ate the sweetest little figs I've ever tasted in Umbria, back in the summer.

  10. Love seeing you in San Francisco!