Sunday, 25 October 2009


No, I am not in the fictional soap street named Coronation Street, which is in Manchester. If it was Manchester it would be raining, wouldn't it?

Neither am I in ancient Greece - although here I am posing next to a stunning Corinthian pillar.

Nor am I in Narnia - even though Mr. Tumnus would just LOVE this lamp-post!

You've guessed now, haven't you? I'm outside King's College, Cambridge - where I was attending the memorial service for ex-Press Association boss David Chipp, whose illustrious career included thirty months spent in Peking as Reuter's correspondent - the first non-communist Western correspondent to be granted residency by the Communist government.

The service was sublime - especially the music. Lit by guttering candles, the sweet song of the choir soared high up into the vaulted ceilings as dying light filtered through beautiful stained glass.
At the reception afterwards, there was the opportunity to pick up a copy of David's memoir - a fascinating tome entitled MAO'S TOE.
Because he once stood on Chairman Mao's toe.


  1. Dr Arthur Pincher25 October 2009 at 18:27

    Dear Wee Girl. Ye take a fine photo. Perhaps you would consider Scotland for your next visit? I am so pleased that your blog reunited me with my old friend Hamish. What a small world! You will soon be competing with "Friends Reunited"! We have enjoyed many occasions tossing the caber together in Arborath. Fine pictures, wee girl. Did you enjoy a good supper after Cambridge? Sincerely.

  2. Arthur - wonderful to be back in touch. I suggest a reunion, along with Sharon now that she's enamoured with Cambridge and can be trusted to support the Light Blues, at the next ...

    ... [Cut and paste the above link into a browser to see last year's thrilling action]

    Very best wishes to you both from a rather wet and windy Sydney.


  3. What I love about your books is your excellent research. I am also love your use of language.

    I am trying to get my head around several songs and duets I'm singing next Friday - and hoping to shake the end of a cold before I do so.

  4. Sharon I want to be you - you have a far more interesting life than I do, want to swop? And write my new book while you're at it?! x Abby Green

  5. Abby, I am so envious of anyone who lives in gorgeous Dublin (where everyone seems to be a poet or a philosopher) and who has an insider's view of the film world!
    So yes, I'll swop - I'll write my book if you write mine....

  6. That should, of course - have read - I'll write YOUR book, Abby. Because having two manuscripts to complete would send me COMPLETELY crazy!