Tuesday, 31 August 2010

More from Fuerteventura....and breakfast

This is one of those images which I look back on (rather wistfully) - whenever I want to imagine myself in a Sheikh-type land. Actually, I'm about to run a Sheikh-type competition so

And this is pretty much my perfect breakfast: chilled and juicy pink grapefruit, strong black coffee and delicious bread - all served by someone other than myself! The sunshine and the distant view of the sea add yet another layer of enjoyment.

What was, or is your perfect breakfast?


  1. Ohhhh love the hat! I think hats are very underrated these days. Caroline x

  2. Yes, the hat is mega, Sharon!

    As for perfect breakfasts, yours looks pretty good! Couldn't stand having one in bed, not with all those crumbs, but a sunny balcony somewhere exotic would do nicely.

    I think I'd like a decent newspaper and some crispy bacon thrown in there as well, but that's probably why my knees aren't a patch on yours, darling!

    Lots of love,


  3. I must admit that I don't normally eat much for breakfast. My usual morning routine consists of a brief walk for a cup of coffee and a bagel. There's a small garden and gazebo near our village square where I sit and enjoy the solitude and the flowers. It's there that I contemplate my day.

    However, on a business trip to New York earlier this week, I ate breakfast and enjoyed a spectacular view of Central Park. New York can be hectic, but Central Park seems like a serene oasis amid the chaos of the city.