Thursday, 12 August 2010

You can see why they say....

sunsets are romantic.

Thanks, Dan - for sending this picture-perfect shot. Can you tell us where exactly it is so that I can fix the location in my mind (and perhaps use it sometime!). Does anybody live nearby? Are there shops? Roads? Trains?

As for romantic settings - does anybody have a favourite?


  1. Very evocative, Dan! Perfect shot.
    About me, I have no doubt: my favourite romantic setting is… come on, you already know it… :) NAPOLI.
    I won’t be repetitive about how much I love my hometown and how much it makes me shiver but it’s my favourite. Absolutely.
    I know there are many beautiful places in the world but there’s… something in the air in Napoli, a magic, centuries of tradition, and… nobody disagreed this thought so far.
    Eating in a restaurant in via Caracciolo is almost a mystical experience (seriously!) or just walking on the seafront listening to the waves and admiring the city where enlightened buildings - at midnight - make it similar to a living mosaic… well, makes you feel like you’re “suspendu dans le temps”.
    One of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced is a wonderful cruise around Amalfi coast – visiting Ravello, Positano, Vietri, Sorrento and other amazing coastal places.
    I have a full repertory of romantic settings in Napoli but I think my comment would be endless. So, everyone who hasn’t visited it so far… what are you waiting for?

  2. This is a shot of a lake in the Palos area of the Cook County Forest Preserves, southwest of Chicago. The area is mostly uninhabited, but there is a charming old church and graveyard nearby that was built in 1833. The church is built from locally quarried limestone. I'll try to get a good picture of it next time. It sits on a rise in the middle of the woods and is absolutely beautiful.

    I was standing on the eastern shore of this lake and there are many walking/biking trails that wind throughout the thousands of acres of forest. This lake is one of the larger ones in the area at about 325 acres, but it is a relatively shallow 10-12 feet deep.

    As for favorite romantic spots, this one definitely makes the list. I've always loved the sunsets here. As for a favorite, it would be either La Caleta Beach in Cadiz, Spain or Hawk's Bill Beach in Antigua.

    But really, romance has always been about the special person that I'm with. I've discovered that if you're with someone you truly love romance can happen anywhere...

  3. Michela - your evocative words have made Napoli shoot to the top of my wish-list....seriously.

    And Dan, you're a true romantic!

  4. Sì, Napoli causes this effect... I know.
    Sharon, you haven't told us which is your favourite romantic setting instead... but maybe it's not hard to guess since you wax lyrical when you talk about it on the blog... :-)

  5. Michela - Your description of Napoli is beyond enticing. It's also near the top of my list of places to visit.

    Yes, Sharon, I'm also interested to know what your favorite romantic spot is.

  6. I guess it must be Paris - just for the incredible way the city makes me feel - and it does that when I'm there on my own!

  7. So… Italy for me, Spain for Dan and France for Sharon – three wonderful places.
    Surely we have very refined tastes! Since you both haven’t visited Italy so far…if you do it on summer you can’t miss our famous holiday which happens…tomorrow!

    In Italy it’s called “Ferragosto” and it’s a special day (I only say that if we go to the beach it won’t be a lucky day… because of “gavettoni” which means buckets of ice water – sometimes mixed with sand - from anyone! Anyway it’s funny…and you can return the game).

    Do you have a special holiday day on summer in England or somewhere else? (don’t know where you live - Dan!).

  8. Actually I meant Napoli, not Italy... also if the day is celebrated all over the nation.

  9. Michela - I live in the United States. In the suburbs southwest of Chicago, Illinois, to be specific.

    The start of our summer is marked by the Memorial Day holiday, the end with Labor Day weekend, but the pinnacle celebration of our summer is July 4th - Independence Day. It's celebrated with parades, concerts, cook-outs and fireworks in the evening. Flags and banners line the main streets. Each town or village usually has its own Fireworks display. (Ours is held at the largest of our village parks.) The residents and their children bring blankets or lawn chairs and gather to watch the show. In large cities like Chicago, huge fireworks displays are attended by millions of people. Chicago's display takes place downtown at Grant Park on the shore of Lake Michigan. A few years ago, I viewed the display from a friend's boat out on the water. It was an amazing sight.

  10. Dan – are you American?! Wow, so yes… you have more than a celebration day and I’m sure they’re wonderful! I’ve never been to U.S. (not yet!) but I know about your holidays from history, films and books.
    I love all those cities where people celebrate Christmas sleeveless and going to the sea (yes, sea is my obsession…) and one of my greatest dreams is celebrating it (at least once) as if it was summer… in California!

  11. Christmas in Califoria would indeed be wonderful, but it wouldn't be the same for me without snow. I've always enjoyed a 'White Christmas'.

    I've always been fascinated by the festivals of European countries. The traditions seem to go back centuries. American is still the infant in the family of the globe, but I enjoy our celebrations just the same. There's nothing like the Fourth of July in a small midwestern town. It feels like home.

  12. Well, you’re lucky to celebrate with snow… in Napoli we only have a very cold Christmas without snow (we have sea so we have to give up something, sob…) but celebrations are evocative the same – eating fresh fish, typical desserts, nuts (the last one is a rigorous tradition because they’re served in great delicious baskets) and walking along S. Gregorio Armeno where every year the ancient tradition of Christmas cribs made by craftsmen attract Neapolitans and tourists.

  13. That's beautiful, Michela. Christmas in Napoli sounds lovely.

  14. It is, indeed.
    Anyway I think Christmas can be beautiful and unforgettable everywhere – the most important thing is celebrating with family, friends and people you love and who love you all around. Traditions are decorative but what makes you laugh, have fun and a great time is love.

  15. This sunset is still so inspiring - as are your comments. And tomorrow I will write and tell you of some of my adventures in a place which literally means "strong wind"....