Thursday, 30 September 2010


My latest book is out in the UK.
It's called SHAMEFUL SECRET, SHOTGUN WEDDING and it's available in all good bookstores now.
(Er, actually that's not quite true - since Waterstone's doesn't stock it. You're missing a chance there Waterstone's, I must say....)

It's about a gorgeous international playboy called Giancarlo Vellutini and Cassie, a naive girl from Cornwall who takes a Christmas vacation job in a glittering London department store. Sparks really fly when this most unlikely of couples meet.

Thanks to the lovely Rick Stroud for inspiring the heroine's name - Rick and I were at the Cheltenham Literary Festival last year. And thanks also to Elizabeth Douglas, who has already read the book, which prompted her to write me a letter about growing up in Cornwall in the 1040's. My job has all kinds of wonderful perks - and letters like Elizabeth's are at the top of the list.

Apologies to the prize winners of my recent competition. Caroline, Michela and Rachel - if you've been wondering where your books are - I'll post them out next week.

Do you like the snazzy new cover?


  1. Dear Sharon,

    The new covers are a massive improvement, they look much more contemporary. I especially like the way the author's name is slap bang in the middle writ large. As it jolly well should be!

    And Waterstones, yes, something needs to be done about them. I'm sure they stock the likes of Katie Price etc, so why not lovely Mills and Boon? There's obviously a market for it!

    Fret not about the book, imagine you're a busy lady right now, mentoring and all that! But thanks for mentioning it!

    And Giancarlo ...Mmmm, think I might just have to revisit a certain Welsh Italian who's been twiddling his thumbs for far too long. You've jogged my memory. Thanks again!

    Lots of love,


  2. It has a release date of November 9th here in the states. I just pre-ordered mine at Amazon. I'm looking forward to continuing my exploration of the genre.

    The new cover definitely stands out. Congratulations, Sharon!

  3. Wonderful new cover! I remember this hero.
    You mentioned him in another post and I said that his surname was similar to the Italian word “velluto” which means velvet.
    Interesting analogy – is it a coincidence?

    Sadly, no idea when this book will be available in Italy…it’s surely too soon now.
    On the other side, we don’t miss Italian playboys over here…!

    Sharon, I was wondering what name you chose for your Sheikh’s falcon… :) Will you tell us?

  4. Ohhh I have to say M&B are SPOT on with these new covers. They are gorgeous. Thanks for the book BTW - can't wait to read it. Caroline xxx

  5. Dan - I can't tell you how much it delights me that you have ordered my book! Thank you.

    Michela, I haven't named Zahid's falcon yet because he hasn't flown into the story yet....

  6. Ps. Vellutini being like the Italian word for "velvet" is a coincidence, Michela - although some people (myself included) believe that coincidences have significance....

    And names are really important to me - I research them thoroughly. A hero (or heroine) won't work for me until they "fit" their name properly.

  7. Dear Sharon

    I was fascinated and rather excited to stumble on your blog-post mention of letters detailing a Cornish childhood in the 1040s. These I am certain will prove to be documents of great historical importance. I would be most grateful if you could contact our society (see the email details via the link above).

    I also wonder whether you have ever considered writing historically based romances? We would be honoured to have you attend one of our events. We would whisk you back to the period of true 'Chivalrous and Courtly Love' for a day!

    Adieu mine lady

    Len Bladderswell

    Historical Advisor and Consultant Hoplologist