Friday, 24 September 2010


Cornwall is really one of the most beautiful places on earth.
I think of it in shades of blue and grey.
In one morning, the sea turned from pewter to sapphire with a zillion variations in betweeen.
But blue is best.....
See what I mean?

Here I am at Harlyn Bay - plotting out my new Chapter I.
Inspiration comes easy here. One gulp of that bracing, salty air and I'm away! Let's hope it stays with me.....

I have a book out next month called SHAMEFUL SECRET, SHOTGUN WEDDING - some of which is set in this part of Cornwall. Perhaps I should make it a trilogy...

Is there somewhere which always fills you with inspiration - and is it by the sea?


  1. Lighthouses always spark me...

    And it seems that I'm not alone in my passion ... click the link above and see ...

    T x

    ps fantastic snaps Sharon

  2. That's BRILLIANT link. I must confess that I'd never heard of a "Pharologist" before - but if it had been a question in a quiz I would have opted for the obvious and come up with Love Of Pharaohs!

  3. Oh wow, lighthouse-bagging eh? Blimey, it's amazing what you can find out here, Sharon!

    Lyme Regis for me. Quaint, Jurassic, often storm tossed, utterly romantic and tea shops to die for.

    Great to have you back!

    Lots of love,


  4. A place which always fills me with inspiration and maybe by the sea…?
    Gosh, it’s really hard to guess… LOL! Ok, ok. I won’t pick Napoli this time (also if it’s “universally acknowledged” (!) that it’s the love of my life) but I’ll choose Capri (well, am Neapolitan after all!).

    The Blue Grotto, dances and music ‘till morning, people sitting in caf├ęs as the dawn had never to arise… And crystalline sea and sun and flowers – that island is a little oasis on earth.
    Plus, it inspired one of my short tales during one of my visits months ago.

  5. Llandwyn Beach here on Anglesey always does it for me. See this link -

    Caroline x

  6. Yes, Rach - can understand that choice. I went especially to Lyme Regis so that I could do the enigmatic-glancing-over-my-shoulder-a-la-Streep.....but unfortunately the Cobb was closed due to inclement weather. In fact, the high waves were pictured in the nationals the following day. Typical!

    Michela, yes - Capri! Another must-see destination.

    Caroline - I've just looked up that link and discovered about Dwynwen - the patron saint of lovers.

  7. Oh yes Sharon - I forgot - it's our own "Welsh" St Valentine. Quite a sad story tho'. Caroline x

  8. Every other year I make the trip to California for the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. There's a famous spot known as 'The Lone Cypress on Monterey Bay' that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It's this view that never fails to inspire me and always leaved me mesmerized.

    Here's a link to a good picture:

  9. Dan - that's so GORGEOUS! It reminds me of a Monet crossed with Magritte!

  10. Speaking of inspiration, my parents recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. In these times, that's inspiring.

  11. Dan, that's lovely.
    Please send congratulations.