Monday, 22 November 2010


Once again, I visited Waddeson Manor - the luscious Oxfordshire pile belonging to the Rothschild family. Only this time, Christmas had come early.

Usually, I'm one of those people who try to hold off from buying a tree or being bewitched by twinkly lights until the very last minute - but this time I just couldn't resist cooing in admiration.

The slightly spooky soaring building was enhanced by Christmas trees....

Which, when viewed en masse - looked a little like a troupe of Daleks gathering before attack (question: are Daleks famous throughout the world?).

And has Christmas "got" to you yet?


  1. Morning Sharon

    Those trees creeping up on the manor do look rather spooky - very Birnham Wood!

    I walked through Dalek-free Martin Place in the centre of Sydney a week ago just as they were erecting the huge Christmas tree here - or rather I should say 'assembling it'! Not many 21 metre high Norweigan Spruces in the southern hemisphere ...

    Photo in link above

  2. the town's xmas lights were strung up first week in october! My friend and i are planning to hold out toddlers close to the shop ceiling and take a picture of them with the humongous ceiling decorations.

  3. The strange weather has prevented thoughts of Christmas so far. It was unseasonably warm, then quite cold now it is back up in the mid-60s. The weather is predicted to turn back to normal for the upcoming holiday - Thanksgiving, here in the states.

    I won't be in full-tilt Christmas mode until I take my niece into downtown Chicago to see the Christmas decorations. It's become a tradition - one which I hope continues through her upcoming teenage years. There's nothing like seeing the wondrous twinkling lights of Christmas through a child's eyes. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  4. Joanna - would love to see a picture of toddlers with humongous ceiling decorations!

    And Dan, ditto - a photo of the Chicago lights, please.