Friday, 17 December 2010


Each May, I run a week-long creative writing course in a watermill in deepest, greenest Tuscany - where you can learn and practice your craft against the most stunning and inspirational backdrops.
Like this one....

The courses are organised by Lois and Bill Breckon - who do much to nurture talent and creativity - and to this end they are running a brand-new writing competition.

Would you like to win £1,000 ($1,500) and the chance to get yourself and your story noticed?
Of course you would!

So why not find out more? Go on.... push all the wrapping paper off the table and dust down a story. Or take yourself off into a quiet corner and write a new one. Write something from the heart. Something which will make the reader's heart quicken.
Who knows? It just might make your dreams come true....


  1. I will definitely be entering this!

  2. Tuscany? Sense I don't write, can I pass out the papers and drink wine? xx

  3. *cracking my writing knuckles* sounds like fun! Now if I can kick start my brain into gear.....=)
    Thanks Sharon!

  4. Ah, Tuscany ... I'm going to get there one day!



  5. Wow what a great competition. All I need to do is think of something to write! Not easy when all I can think about is the cold and snow here in good 'ole Blighty! I need to go to sleep and dream of warm Italian sunshine and even warmer Italian men ;) Caroline x

  6. Sounds like another great opportunity for budding authors. Cheers and good luck to all the participants. And Sharon's right - dreams do come true.