Thursday, 14 April 2011


Then make your way down to Camden Town on Monday, 18th April - where I'll be giving a workshop which will tell you exactly how to do that.
It'll be in the gorgeous Yumchaa Tea Rooms - where you may remember that I did an interview recently.
You'll be able to drink a delicious cup of royal tea..... Yum! (Chaa!)
And you'll get the chance to craft the outline for your own royal love story.

What's the difference between a normal romance and a Royal Romance, I hear you asking? (You mean apart from jewels which aren't fake, oodles of tradition and all the attendant protocol?).

Well, I think it's because it takes the Cinderella story about as far as it can go - and that's one of the reasons why the books are so popular. It is, if you like - the ultimate love-story.

The tricky bit is making sure that your hero and heroine really and truly love one another - that he cares about her enough not to bother about the fact that she hails from a council house with an outside loo. And that she loves him for who he is, and not because he's got a title and a palace.

So come along and learn lots and join in the fun.


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity for a new romance author!

    And I love the name of the tea room. Sounds like a warm cozy place to curl up with a good book.

  2. It's a gorgeous place, Dan -and has a really good buzz about it.

  3. Brilliant idea and aptly timed!

    Sorry I won't be in London for it. That said, Royal Wedding fever is building down-under too.
    What do you think of Sydney local Janet Williams' tribute (click on my name above for the link)


  4. Wow, Jack - what an obsession! The model of Prince William looks like a cross between his Uncle Andrew and Bill Clinton.

    If anyone is interested - click onto Jack A Roo's name in the comment above...

  5. Living in the States we miss the excitement of a Royal wedding. Is there a lot of celebrating? Activities?

  6. Diane - GREAT to see you on the blog!
    From what I hear, there seem to be more celebrations across The Pond than over here!
    Seriously, a number of street parties are planned - though most people will be clustered round their TV sets with friends and refreshments.

  7. A very interesting post and a great opportunity!
    I was just thinking how real life can mix with romance and fiction sometimes... especially when unexpected things occur to you.

    Do you remember the Egyptian man I once talked to you about? Well, I received a letter from him several days ago - after eight years! - in a golden envelope as shiny as desert which brought many memories to life... quite romantic, isn't it? x

  8. Yes, I remember....
    Come on, MIchela - what did he SAY?!

  9. Summarizing the whole letter - he still loves me.
    Details by mail since it's a four pages letter! x

  10. Hi,

    Here we are a day away from the Royal wedding. Is it true mostly everything will be closed tomorrow for the big event? Across the pond we will be able to view it live or several times during the day.

    I will see it later that evening with my better half while our children are asleep and we can have a cocktail or two!