Friday, 22 April 2011


This week I've given two royal romance workshops in the fabulous Yumchaa tea-shop in Camden. They were attended by a lively and inspirational bunch of participants, which meant that the sessions were fun and (I hope) - helpful to all.

There was also a lone male journalist present, who wrote about his experience for the Evening Standard - and you can read a short version here

The workshop was filmed by the BBC for the popular ONE SHOW - but I have no idea how to include the video on this site.
I love the hyper-hyper feeling of losing touch with reality which being on telly produces - and it's quite gratifying when your mates are telling you that they've seen you in the paper.
But it's all rather time-consuming and I've suddenly realised that I have a book to write before I head off to Tuscany for my annual creative writing course.
So while I think about Hassan and Ella - why don't you tell me what you've been doing in your corner of the world?


  1. It was great seeing you and the group on the tv. I wish I could have been there too.
    With summer making an early appearance life has been chaotic on the farm and I'm trying to finish my latest book, fingers crossed this is the one! Then when I join you in Tuscany I can start a new book.
    Good luck with Hassan and Ella, looking forward to reading it.

  2. Video of the One show is at:
    for the next few days - segment starts at 23:00. A link to the start of the piece is:
    I don't believe the BBC allows embedding video in others' webpages.

  3. Thanks for that, Lloyd - it feels so much better to realise that posting a link is something which is impossible - rather than a demonstration of my incompetence!

  4. Gosh, I can't watch the video! It says: "not available in your area"... pity! If you know another way to watch it let me know.

    These days have been very busy because of Easter holiday... went to church, bought presents, cooked lots of typical desserts with my mother.
    I love the air we breathe during these days...

  5. Which are the "typical desserts", Michela - is that lovely one Sfogliatelle?

  6. Sharon - sfogliatelle are an "evergreen" dessert, we eat them everyday because they're always available in cake shops.

    There are two important desserts we use to cook for Easter holiday: one sweet, one salty.

    The sweet one: (my mym's recipe is unbeatable!)

    And the salty one:

  7. Afraid I'm in the same foreign boat as Michela and so unable to view the One Show clip, alas.

    Drizzle and grey weather here in Sydney while I hear the UK is experiencing a heatwave ... hope it lasts until the wedding!


  8. Unfortunately, I'm also unable to view the video here in the states.

    Yesterday was cold, grey and rainy but today the skies are clear and the sun is shining. I plan to spend some time working in the garden later and tomorrow I'm looking forward to enjoying an Easter brunch with family at my parents' house.

    I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

  9. In related chick-lit news, Louise Bagshawe MP, author of fourteen novels in the genre ("Vote for Louise. If only to stop her writing." - John Crace, The Guardian) was on Have I Got News for You last night. It included the odd romance joke.

    (If Britain still had an Empire, you would all would have free access to the BBC.)

  10. Hi,

    Well here we are at the final countdown to the royal wedding. Is it true mostly everything will be closed tomorrow? Here across the pond we have plenty of opportunties to watch it on our TV's (tube). I most likely will watch it later in the evening with my better half while our children are in dreamland and we can have a cocktail or two!