Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Back in August (or was it July?) I attended the Harlequin black and white party at the fabulous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. It was here that I received a Tiffany trinket for having published 75 books. Yay! I even bought a black dress for the occasion - though there is still a part of me which rebels at being told what to wear!
But for once I capitulated and followed the dress-code, buying a dress by a Canadian designer which one of my American author friends informed me was called an Opera Coat.
Lots of the fabulous women who attended my course at the Watermill in Tuscany, kept asking to see a photo of said dress.
So here I am, striding across the ballroom while wearing it.

And this is me enjoying a bit of an "Oscar" moment.

I'm currently deep into my latest book which features the gorgeous but very tricky Neapolitan, Ciro D'Angelo. And I'm at that stage where I could do with some inspiration.
So what have you all been up to - and have you ever enjoyed an "Oscar" moment?


  1. No Oscar moments for me and, fortunately no black and white dress codes except for my graduation. My mother insisted on having photos taken to remember the occasion. I look like I have just died. Black and white really don't do my skin any favours.

  2. Looks amazing Sharon! How great to see your photos. That must have been such an amazing moment. And of course good you chose a Canadian designer to wear :)

  3. Ros, I envy you your graduation as I left school way too early *cue violins*
    Cannot believe white and black don't do your skin any favours! Are you married, I wonder - and if so - what colour was your dress?

    Thanks, Jen - it felt appropriate to wear Canadian as Harlequin is a Canadian company - though it was completely coincidental!

  4. I did have an "Oscar Moment" last year, but it was in a technical field, so it doesn't really count. For anyone not in the field it's just a yawn-inducing moment. I prefer to toil silently in the background most times, anyway.

    Sharon, you look fantastic in that dress. I alway though that black has an elegant timlessness about it. Absolutely lovely.

  5. (Ugh. Pardon my has been a rough day.)

  6. Sharon knew all eyes would be on her long legs when she walked into the room wearing her stunning black opera dress - and still she wore the dress.

    Elegant, understated....perfect dress for an oscar moment really


  7. Dan, thanks so much for the compliment and I don't think you should be so modest about your "Oscar" moment. Anything technical always gets a pretty awed reaction from me - because I am completely foxed by anything requiring logic!

    And Lesa, just how IS that book of yours going?!

  8. Oh I LOVE your dress, Sharon. You look fabulous. Congratulations!!

  9. Oh I want an opera coat!! It's absolutely stunning Sharon, and you look predictably gorgeous and glamorous in it - perfect for the occasion.

    My only Oscar moment was when I was shortlisted for the RNA Love Story of the Year award. I was so sure I wasn't going to win that I determinedly didn't buy anything special for the ceremony, and ended up going to collect the beautiful rose bowl in a dress that cost £18 from Sainsburys.

  10. Love the dress Sharon and what a lovely Oscar Moment to have. Here's the many more wonderful books!

  11. Goodness me - who would have thought all those years ago?! You look gorgeous.