Friday, 18 November 2011


This is the cover of THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING which will be on sale in the UK next month. It features playboy Tariq (who has a shocking track-record with women) and his loyal PA, Isobel Mulholland. Sparks fly when the fiercely independent Tariq finds himself injured and reliant on Izzy in a way he has never been before. Feelings can sometimes change when roles are reversed....

Do you like the cover?

In terms of light and overall effect, it reminds me of that very famous painting of a luscious woman in an emerald green evening dress - but I don't have a clue who painted it, or what it's called. If anyone can enlighten me - then a copy of THE SHEIKH'S UNDOING will wing its way to them.

Last night I went to the Romantic Novelists Association Christmas party (what a lot of capital letters!) in Birdcage Walk, just down the road from Buckingham Palace. Guided by my phone (what a surreal thing to write! Imagine a Victorian reading those words!) I walked there via St. James's Park. A fountain was coloured emerald and the palace behind was bathed in golden light. Even the trees were illuminated by carefully positioned lights, so that it felt as if I was in the middle of some fantastic setting. Or Disneyland. Oh, and the party was very good.

Tonight I'm going to see Much Ado About Nothing. Which pretty much sums up my morning so far. So I'd better get back to Ciro D'Angelo, my current hero - who needs to be beaten into submission!


  1. Ma dear wee Girlie. I think you are talking about Portrait Of Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt. But the lassie's dress is golden! Aye, Arty Art

  2. No, Arty - that is definitely not the one I mean. It's a kind of moody-looking 20's painting, and the woman is to the left and she has a kind of intriguing and petulant look on her face.
    I've seen copies of it in John Lewis!

  3. Love the cover of the new book, Sharon. I look forward to reading it.

    I think I know the painting you're referring to. Is it Tamara de Lempicka's, "Portrait of a Young Girl in a Green Dress" (aka "Jeune fille en vert")? It's a beautiful art deco piece from the late 1920s. Here's a link:

  4. Dan, you are a GENIUS - that's exactly the one I meant (and I might even post a picture of it)! It's funny how memorable some paintings are, and interestingly - it's called Girl In Green, or Jeune Fille en Verte - which sounds even nicer.
    If you send me your address, I'll post you a book!

  5. Gorgeous cover!! And your walk sounds amazing :)

  6. Here again after so long time!

    I'm unforgivably late...I know.
    But I've just finished ten long exams (...) and now I can breathe...a bit.
    Just entered the second year in military school and I'm very proud.

    About the cover...wonderful! One of the most expressive ones I've ever seen...and happy to know about your happy day.

    Can't wait to read about Ciro's story...I already know it'll be one of my favourite books of yours. x

  7. Oh an RNA Christmas party sounds like fun!

    Fabulous cover. I want.

  8. Thanks, Lacey. Can't remember where you live?

    And Michela - hope you pass all your exams with flying colours - am sure you will!

  9. the cover of the book.....just can't wait to read it...greetings from Indonesia.

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