Tuesday, 13 December 2011


to Ireland, where I wandered through Belfast, met up with the fabulous Lynne Graham, travelled to the tiny town of Clones and then caught the bus to Dublin, where I stayed with the lovely Abby Green. Whew!

Now I'm back and instead of the leisurely Christmas shopping I'd anticipated, I'm revising my book about the sexy Neapolitan Ciro D'Angelo. I shall deliver him into the hands of my editor next week, when I might have time to post some photos of Ireland. After all, it's not as if much else is happening at this time of year is it?!

And in the meantime, my book about Sheikh Zahid of Khayarzah and Frankie O'Hara will soon be hitting the bookshelves or floating through the aether in North America. If you want to get your hands on a copy, it's called MONARCH OF THE SANDS.

So are you also working or maybe doing something wonderfully indulgent (like making mince-pies while carols blare out)?

Or have you decided to brave the shops which currently look like Armageddon (Armageddon outta here!)


  1. Sharon, it's great to read that you had a wonderful time in Ireland.
    If I could do only ONE thing in my life it would be: travelling!

    About Christmas over here...well, I'm still at the military school, working, I'm going on holiday next week...on 22th...but I love this "middle" period...when shops are crowded with people busy to search for the right present and when everything seems to go in the right way.

    Next week we have "The Christmas Tree Party" in the barracks...(we are officially at the 2nd year now); there will be dinner, a special show and fireworks at the end of the evening.
    There will be everyone...students, officers, ect.
    For the occasion I have a fab dress I'm going to wear and high heels (of course!).
    For once we leave our daily uniform... :)

    North America is lucky to see your book!
    It's early too see it here but next month "TOO PROUD TO BE BOUGHT" will be on Italian shelves (pity I've already read it in English!)


  2. Sharon - I'm pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time in Ireland. I've been there only once, but the people that I met were some of the friendliest on the planet. I look forward to reading "Monarch of the Sands".

    Michela: Warm Holiday wishes to you. I bet your family is extremely proud of you for serving in your country's military. Stay safe! (And I agree...I wish I had more time to travel!)

    My work schedule is starting to wind down as the end of the year nears. It's nice to have some extra time on my hands. I had lunch with an old friend today and we shared more than a few laughs together. And this Friday is our annual work Christmas party. It will be nice to see everyone in a more social enviornment. My co-workers have an incredible work ethic. Their energy knows no bounds. I look forward to sharing a drink with them...

  3. Dan, thank you!

    Reading your news is such a great pleasure... :) warm wishes to you too. I hope you'll spend a wonderful Christmas with everyone you love...and yes, my family is very proud and I am too.
    Everything for the country. Always.

  4. Sounds like a great trip to Ireland Sharon! Looking forward to getting my hands on Monarch of the Sands. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday!