Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Funny, isn't it - the way life sometimes throws you a curve-ball?
Picture the scene:  a friend was attending a posh, black-tie dinner and he asked me to go along.  I'd get to stay in a luxury hotel.  I'd have unlimited use of the spa the next morning.  There was to be a lunch the following day and we would be chauffeured  to and from this event in a Mercedes!  Oh, and there were to be various celebs at this feast, including a man called David Gandy.
"That's with a 'y'," my friend said.
"Are you sure?" I questioned.  "It's usually spelt with an 'i' - and it's probably a member of the Indian political dynasty."
'Whatever.  Do you want to come?'
'Tempting, but I'm tired.  I'm writing a book - so I'll say no.'

Reader, I honestly didn't twig!

The man was indeed David Gandy - the man much loved by fellow romantic novelists and readers alike.  The man who makes them salivate daily over provocative photos and who inspires many a steamy scene.

So I looked online and found this picture.

I must say, he has a BIZARRE taste in clothing!  Dunno about you - but that hat doesn't really do it for me....


  1. Good to know you put your writing first, Sharon. That means you're a SERIOUS author! Forget David Gandy (although I bet he'd have looked hot if you replaced the fur hat with a DJ), I'd have fallen for the luxury hotel and the spa and the Mercedes. But when your next book is out your readers will be very glad you're not as shallow.

  2. Thanks for those kind words, Jessica. Must now go and put something cool and soothing on my shins - still bruised from where i've been kicking them!

  3. A gorgeous hunk of a man but I’m not usually keen on models.
    The hat is more interesting – a military fur hat – Russian people call it USHANKA (from “ushi” – ears) and it was commonly used among soldiers of Red Army.
    Mmm…I have to say that he would be amazingly perfect to play the role of my beloved Alexander Belov/Barrington – the sexy and tormented soldier with a dangerous secret featured in Paullina Simons’s trilogy.
    I’ve been waiting since 2009 for a possible movie about it and I’ve just discovered it’s about to be released in 2013. Maybe Gandy will get a phone call…who knows.
    I was thinking about meetings - missed and happened – and about fate in life.
    Only last week a former high school classmate contacted me after ten years!
    I had never heard or seen him since the very last day of school and it was a great surprise.
    He said he had thought about old times and he felt he had to contact me.
    During these years he has lost both parents and he’s in the Army now. I remember him taciturn and moody, though he was loving - and I’ve found a strong and determined man now. Completely changed.
    I love such things, meetings you don’t expect - that make your day.
    I would never change a meeting like this with whoever famous man!

  4. Ooh, Michela - what an intriguing meeting....are you planning to stay in touch?

  5. OK, how hard did you have to search to find that hat pic!!! To justify the completely unjustifiable... Can you tell I'm still weeping uncontrollably here???

  6. I just put his name into Google Images. Wow! I'll be spending the next hour putting most of the pics into Pinterest. Then a cold shower...

  7. Fledgling writer - you sound like a woman after Heidi Rice's own heart!

    I just don't *get* the slavish devotion this man inspires....give me Adrian Dunbar any time!

    1. The man has a face and body that inspires the slavish devotion but he is an intelligent and classic gentleman. At least, that's the facade. If one can get past the almost perfect facade and see the soul, he's a man with flaws like every other man but there deep insecurities that surface that bring out imperfect behavior he does not realize he has. Be aware Mr. Gandy is the world's only male supermodel along with being the world's highest paid male model. He does his job exceptionally well and from all appearances has a good and charitable heart. Mr. Gandy is a self-avowed petrol-head and an automobile writer/tester with GQ magazine. I'd be willing to bet if somebody told him a man in the US wrecked a 31 million dollar jaguar, he'd faint dead away. Your new book sounds like a delicious read, I can hardly wait to get it.

  8. Surely. Honestly - it's amazing that he found me. Usually high school friends' ways separate after the end of school and I didn't even think he remembered me. But he did.
    He works in Florence now and rarely comes to Naples (he has only his sister now) - but says he would like to see me again.
    Our job is the same and keep us busy.. But he's present, also with a message.

  9. Ooh, Shazza Fox (GREAT NAME!) - love your impassioned defence of Mr. Gandy and my feelings towards him have undergone a subtle softening as a result!

    Michela, I think you should take a trip to Firenze.... :)

  10. The lovely Rachel Lyndhurst is going to be furious with you for not having heard of Mr Gandy - she's on a one-woman mission (or so I thought, Shazza Fox!) to spread news of his beauty to the four corners of the globe, and recently she DID meet him!


    Gandy aside, I'm totally impressed with your dedication to the book. Like Jessica, one mention of the word 'spa' and I'd have been reaching for my suitcase...

  11. Dear Sharon

    You were indeed missed ...

    D x

  12. Yes, India - but the words "posh spa" made me imagine the pin-like women who might have been found there - emerging from the sauna looking like Botticelli's Venus, while I was as beetroot-faced as someone who'd just done four rounds with (insert name of current world champion boxer)!

    And oooooh! Could this be the "real" David G who has added a comment? Or could it possibly be some wag playing a merry jape?!

  13. Love the blog and thanks for posting about David Gandy. Your followers may enjoy following his well-written and interesting blog on Vogue: http://www.vogue.co.uk/blogs/david-gandy and his official page where he posts pictures and links: www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidGandy

    Today, David is shooting for his new fitness app which is set to release in just a few weeks--yum!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. P.S. For more info, you can reach me on Twitter: @DavidGandyAsst

  14. Oh Sharon, this made me laugh. You have such a lovely way of seeing life. Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  15. I am SICK, sick I tell you. I will have to think up a suitable punishment for having missed out on possibly the most exciting dinner/lunch of your life.
    A very disappointed Abby Green.

  16. David is the dream come true of hero of novels that we love to read.


    1. I hope that David is positively humbled by the true devotion of his fans, Lu! :)

  17. Sharon, I venture to say that Dx is the real David. He reads almost everything written about him. I find it funny that he reads a passage written about him by Shazza Fox and he writes to tell you that you were missed at the dinner. Just to let you know, I feel David is humbled by nothing, why should he be? He works like a maniac and he has been more successful than any other male model has ever been. He just likes the public to think he's humble, it's endearing.

    Following David is a religion. He is as addictive as heroine. To tell you the truth I have been banned from the inner circle for speaking the truth but I too am addicted.

    Now about your book. I am waiting with baited breath for it is just the kind of book I love to read over and over. I'm ordering my copy from Amazon today.

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