Monday, 9 July 2012


I've been very lazy about keeping this blog and my only excuse is that I've been writing and....writing.  Lots of writing.  I've been creating enigmatic Sheikhs and ruthless Greeks, charismatic Tuscans and unforgiving Neapolitans.  And then I've had to come up with the women who have the tough job of melting the hearts of these powerful men.
But work aside, I've been dodging the rain which has beset England for the last however many months (it seems like forever) - and making the most of the entertainment on offer.

I've seen some amazing theatre (Posh;  Love, Love, Love: A Long Days Journey Into Night) and some equally great films (The Five Year Engagement; My Sister's Sister - both starring the very talented Emily Blunt).  I've listened to some great music (Ravel's Bolero, which I'd never heard "live"before plus the magnificent opera Tosca, which was performed  in the Great Conservatory at Syon Park)

This month, I have a book out in the USA called PLAYING THE GREEK'S GAME.  
It's about a ve-ry sexy Greek and a woman with a past who is determined to play him at his own game.   Here's a peep at the cover picture of Zak and Emma in New York.

I'd love to know what has everyone else been doing this "summer" - but you may all have decided to desert this neglected page and I can see that in future I must try harder!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the "pewter eyes" in the title of this blog - they are the smouldering eyes of Zak.  The ones which seem to look into Emma's soul....


  1. Pewter skies here in Sydney this morning too! Am I right to think your trip to NYC last year (?) helped inspire the setting for Playing The Greek's Game? Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Yes, Jack - you are entirely right! I was so blown away by the city last year that I knew I had to feature it in a book - and this is that book! My hero, Zak owns a hotel on Madison and it's so gorgeous that I wish I could stay there myself!

  3. Blimey Sharon, when I neglect my blog it's usually because I'm cleaning the bathroom and making an assault on the ironing pile. You are absolutely excused for your absence as you've been doing such cool stuff. AND writing lots too! *envy*

    I'd love to see Long Day's Journey into Night - was it good? And if you had to pick a favourite from all of the things you've done and seen recently what would it be?

  4. Actually, because of various complicated factors, I went to see A LONG DAY'S JOURNEY (thanks for subtly showing me where the apostrophe should be, you English graduate, you!) twice in the same month. I could have easily gone a third time. It was absolutely amazing. So powerful. So sad. O'Neill is one of my favourite playwrights and I recently saw his SEA PLAYS, which he wrote at the beginning of his career.

    So that's my favourite of all the things I've seen - though Tosca would come a close second (and raindrops on roses would also make the list!)

  5. Do you mean Sydney Lumet's movie? It's amazing.
    Katherine Hepburn is one of my fav actresses of old times. Have you seen (with her) "Suddenly, last summer"? It's written by Tennessee Williams (one of my favourite playwrights) and together with "A streetcar named desire" it's an absolute masterpiece.

  6. I live in Las Vegas and it has simply been too hot to do much of anything. I have been reading Harlequin romances for years and I don't believe I've read any of yours so I ordered 5 from Amazon and I'm going to have a good time reading. I like to give my used books to Safe Nest when I'm finished. It's a shelter for battered women. The ones I really like, I keep and read over and over. Hope I love your novels.