Thursday, 15 November 2012


The Swedish cover of ONE HUSBAND REQUIRED* is just so cosy that I had to share it.
A roaring log fire.  An old-fashioned Christmas tree (with non-matching baubles just like my own tree, which is always a monument to bad taste). Who could ask for anything more?

Today I saw the giant and  pretty fir which has been erected in Covent Garden and which went some way towards soothing my frazzled nerves.  I'd just endured the first half of Uncle Vanya and the acting was so bad it made Chekov's writing seem puerile and flat.  Just awful.  (But at least I didn't have to stay). 

*If you don't speak Swedish and would like an English copy of ONE HUSBAND REQUIRED, you can buy one here


  1. That is indeed very cosy looking I like it!

  2. I've had that one, Sharon. I think they use it every Christmas. :)

  3. This cover is absolutely amazing. It makes me think of our traditions for Christmas...
    Swedish is one of the languages I've planned to study by myself. A tribute to the genius of the director Ingmar Bergman (try to watch "Scenes from a marriage" and "Wild strawberries" - they're masterpieces).
    Also, I find the language VERY VERY interesting.
    Chechov is one of my favourite Russian writers - I couldn't stand to see his pieces changed or bad acted.

    1. Then please don't go to the Uncle Vanya currently showing in London, Michela!

  4. I won't! But next week I'll read Puskin's "The Captain's daughter" to my students of Russian language...they're very curious! :)